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Date: September 25, 2022
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9 thoughts on “CandyShoopplive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Let it happen. Why would you want to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t respect you or your sexuality. Bisexual people get enough shit as it is within both the straight and LGBT community. You need to surround yourself with people that love you and care for you. This guy clearly doesn’t.

  2. Um… how does he function in daily life? At work – people will eat and drink at their desks, in meetings, etc – not just the lunch room or cafe. Does he never go out to eat then? Unless he is a shut-in who never leaves the house, it seems like less of a phobia and more of a weird power/control trip that he has with you and your appearance.

    Not your circus, not your monkey – get out now. I highly recommend that he get his butt to therapy to work through whatever is driving this bizarre behavior, but I don’t recommend that you stick around for the abuse while he figures it out.

  3. I just say fuck it and propose then move on and figure it out. Worst case scenario y'all don't get along then just don't get married. A proposal insta a binding contract you can just say screw it and call it off if you want but it would make the issues with her parents alot easier. There's no need to alienate them over something so easily avoidable.

  4. You didn’t give enough information about the purchase of the property.

    Are you investing in the property? Investing means 1) down payment, 2) your credit is used for the purchase, which would make you both liable for 3) taxes, 4) insurance and 5) maintenance and upkeep.

    If you don’t invest in the property then he’s right not to put you on the title. In that case, he would be legally responsible for everything but you would be legally responsible for nothing but your would have equity in the home. In other words, you would have all the benefit and none of the legal responsibility.

    With respect to him wanting you to pay, there is nothing wrong with that. You will have to pay rent somewhere. You just don’t get to live for free because he’s your boyfriend.

    There is more to homeownership than the mortgage. What you should NOT contribute to is the taxes, insurance, renovations, or maintenance and upkeep. He’ll have equity so he should be solely responsible for that.

  5. This doesn’t answer my question. I didn’t ask your views on what they think. I asked what they tell your girlfriend.

  6. The whole regret-based sexual harassment trend is an insult to actual sexual assault survivors.

  7. I think this can be a big thing when it comes to exiting relationships, for women especially. I know when I was younger I struggled with the feelings of failure, or like I wasn’t good or loyal enough or didn’t “try” hot enough if I decided to end a relationship. When the fact is, walking away from an unhealthy relationship is a sign of strength and self-worth. A major moment of clarity I had was realizing that a failed relationship doesn’t inherently reflect poorly on you. It is a normal part of life, and a normal part of the path to finding the healthy relationship you want. The longer you struggle in an unhappy situation to make it work, the more of your short life you are wasting, when you could otherwise have the chance to be happy if you just left.

  8. This is true. OP might have to go along with the joke. Maybe (safely) pour some syrup around her pussy.

  9. She’s an adult so she’ll be fine. She’ll find a new victim and get about roof over her head. So don’t feel guilty. Breakup.

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