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Date: October 2, 2022

8 thoughts on “Shaantall on-line webcams for YOU!

  1. Nah, the first one is always the hardest. Try to get yourself out there, you are still very young, your time will come. Girls your age can pretty much get with whoever they want, however, as people age, the imbalance will start to shift in your favor. Also, use this time to focus on yourself, go to the gym, work out, get buff, become more interesting, go to a great college. Your peak attractiveness will come between age 30-40 as a man. Women typically peak between late teens to 25. No worries.

  2. Because you’re an easily manipulated naïve child. It’s very easy to take it vantage of you because you don’t have that much life experience

  3. hmmm.. I'm not the only one who is checking this out, apparently. As soon as I started typing, it was the top of the recommended searched list..

  4. So you’d let her live in that house for free even once she gets a job? I assume no. So if while she’s working you make her pay half the mortgage, what advantage does she get from that? Her name isn’t on the deed so she would be basically paying rent to you, you get all the equity and benefits of the house and she gets nothing. Usually couples who have been together a long time get married and buy a house together, so both of their names will be on the deed. You’ve been with her over two years and don’t want to marry her or buy a house with her. That’s why she (and other commenters) are saying you aren’t serious about the relationship, you’re only thinking about yourself and how this benefits you. And you don’t do that when you’re in a long term relationship.

  5. Bruh your too old to not just accept rejection like that. If she wanted you she would’ve dated you. She knows how you feel about her and more importantly she know how she feels about you but doesn’t know how to get that through to you.

    She slept with her married boss, the story is as old as time. You being on the sideline with flowers and gifts is soo embarrassing.

    You need to learn to value your self more and accept when feelings aren’t mutual to just distance yourself from that person and at worst if you can’t accept it, then ask to break from talking to them to get over it.

  6. Yeah I’m just personally very low effort. His issue was lasting longer. It sounds like this is just trying to focus on her and not his issue of lasting longer. I suppose because some thing him wanting to last longer means he gets her off. From my personal experience 4/5 times sex is purely for me to get off and more of a chore. At the same time my gf now has come once after almost 4 years versus other girls can just get off from me literally just having sex. The older I get though the quicker I get off and it’s more of a thing so I’m not watching porn getting laid regularly

  7. My honest opinion is that you’re a place holder for him. So that he can not be alone while he figures out how to get back with his ex.

  8. Where is my impulse control being misunderstood? Im smart enough not to sleep with my ex so i have more control then OPs gf, hopefully ex. You have zero logic and deflect, good luck with that

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