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  1. So long as they are not identical twin brothers a run of the mill DNA paternity test can absolutely distinguish between the brothers.

    If your husband will not cooperate, you can test the kids against your husband's brother. That can establish not only whether he is the father (no, you say) but also if the genetic father is closely related.

    If your husband cooperates I suggest testing both brothers against your kids. That way one batch of tests covers it all.

    If you are likely to want to use these test results in court the lab must take certain steps regarding chain of custody of the samples. Costs a bit more, but worth not having to do it twice.

  2. I agree. I don’t have much of a support system, all my close friends moved abroad. I need nude proof in order to not feel guilty. I understand is pointless, it has nothing to do with logic, but more with the fact that he is all I have at the moment and I know how damaged he is, and how much I would hurt him by leaving. It’s a big step and I can’t take it on a hunch.

  3. She's not your girlfriend anymore, and if you're only friends with her when she's single, you aren't much of a friend.

  4. It’s a weekly event. They post it heavy with a new account. Just ignore. Hopefully one day they just vanish.

  5. Are you in to any of his hobbies. Shared ones work well. Do the gym yourself.

    But frankly showing him that you don't need him is kind of toxic. Just do what makes you happy.

  6. I feel like if you made mock plans with that female friend it might snap something in her mind like this shit is actually happening then again it might cause more headache idk i do find it funny she knows how you feel yet just disregaurds your feelings. Maybe a phone call to the dude to curb his late night drinking with your girl is a good starter

  7. Not fake unfortunately. Trust me I’m not super happy about it either. Feels super crappy. Obviously I already feel badly about my appearance.

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