Make me Squirt naked for you

Date: September 23, 2022

6 thoughts on “HornyGirl1473

  1. You’re being unreasonable. This isn’t a family gathering. It’s a gathering at the family of a friend. Not even his friend. His MOM’S friend. You’re not entitled to an invitation just because you’re dating the guy. You’re also implying that your boyfriend should go out of his way to force the issue because you think this random other family should function like yours. You’re not invited to a meal, at the home of a stranger, and you’re “hurt” by that? My advice, don’t bring it up again and order a pizza instead. Watch a movie, and get over the idea that you need to be part of everything he does. That way, when you want to go have a fun girls’ night or something, he can’t complain.

  2. Oh my gosh, yah that would be a deal breaker, I could be someone’s emotional support human. I want a partner, not a project. I would be out of my mind, I don’t think she’s the person for you, that’s just too much.

  3. Do you know that I know women that you suggested, and they break up on the spot because they feel like the trust is gone the fact that you had to suggest it breaks the trust because it means you’re not satisfied with what you have and you want to sleep with somebody else everything you’re telling me sort of BS you’re not a good partner

  4. Ok so I see a lot of blaiming the wife but how did that talk go down.

    I’m wondering if he told her that you said you really wanted it and that you would only trust him to take these etc etc.

    I’m getting the feeling the wife got manipulated into doing these pics as she “went along with the professional” so I would be really careful in the talks with your wife. And cut that “friend” out od your life. ASAP.

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