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Date: October 2, 2022

11 thoughts on “Azaleiia live! sex cams for YOU!

  1. You’re both AH. He shouldn’t be keeping her around when he knows she wants a relationship. He needs to let her go. And he is definitely being a shitty person by trying to police who she sleeps with.

    You shouldn’t sleep with someone who’s sleeping with your friends. Isn’t that one of the rules of bro code? Hell, it’s girl code. Just don’t do it.

  2. That’s what I’m starting to think. I had no idea how rare big dicks are. The internet blows them way out of proportion.

  3. That is correct. You cannot. Because you're in control of only one person on this earth, and it's yourself.

    You CAN control how you respond to his childish behaviors: Leave.

  4. I just began going out more frequently after finishing med school, met new people and since in my city alt scene is big they were alt 🙂

  5. Make it very very clear that you will not accept anyone not in dress code, and hire a security guard to enforce such.

  6. Look, most of my partners have been less academically inclined than myself, they had practical skills and worked jobs that were more hands on like security and manual labour. I struggled to have deep conversations with them and have conversations about topics that I love like philosphy because that just didnt reach their scope of interest. I found great friends that I can have deep, intellectual conversations with and that satisfied the need for those kind of interactions.

    I loved my partners for who they were, I enjoyed my time with them. I didnt resent them for not being interested in the topics and conversations I was. We were able to connect through other things. You knew who she was and what she was like before you got into a relationship with her, don't start resenting her for not being able to meet expectations that dont make any sense considering her personality.

  7. Boomers (like your dad) are from the camp that no psychological disorders exist and that it's usually your mother's doing or family issues. There's no point trying to argue with someone like this. I have a patent like this which I speak to occasionally but not anything deep.

  8. You're acting like it's impossible to get divorced or the marriage annulled. It's not easy, but come on, do you want to just be a doormat for him? He's not going to stop cheating by the way, so either you're okay with it, or you leave. You're not actually chained to him.

  9. Your political views absolutely matter at the end of the day because they reflect your values as a person. If you have the ability to form complete thoughts, you don't think gay people should be able to get married but vote against it, for example.

    I would hate being with someone who would vote for Trump, for example. Just that choice in candidate tells me they do not value truthfulness, statistics, evidence-based thinking, or basic decency. That's not even getting into the specifics of his political strategies, societal divisiveness, or actual policies enacted.

    To say politics does not matter in a partner is to say religion does not matter or personality does not matter

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