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Date: September 23, 2022

12 thoughts on “SweetTania4U

  1. There is nothing you can do to get her back. She's done with you. Just deal with it and learn from this experience.

    Nice “friends” you've got, there. You might want to consider associating with people who aren't mysogynistic assholes.

  2. Thanks this is really good advice!!! Thanks for taking to time to get into it a little bit. I love how you say I should take the time, I feel like I am and it feels good! To not hide away anymore from my feelings

  3. So a door mat and a gold digger walk into a bar….

    At the very least she doesn’t appreciate you, it’s easier to just find someone who does

  4. Call the spca and tell them exactly what you told here. Tell them you don't want that his friend knows that it was you. Atm the dog is young enough to get trained right from a good person, so don't wait. If it stays with him it will bite him one day and will be put down.

  5. Thank you!!! This whole thread has really helped me see that none of this had anything to do with my ex and everything to do with me maybe needing some changes to myself!!!

  6. Your husband wanted you to be okay with him cheating with your best friend, which of course you aren’t. He truly thought that he was going to be having his cake and eating it too. This woman is not your friend now and hasn’t been since the very second she decided to act on her attraction to your husband. You did say no, they both knew that you were not okay with this regardless of you saying yes after, they both knew you weren’t okay with it and did not give a shit. Your husband ruined his marriage with you when he decided that he and this woman should get together and betray your relationship-it is his fault and not yours that you cannot look at him. No one is their sane mind would be able to look at him. It is this woman’s fault that you are no longer friends after she decided to go after your husband-it is not your fault that she chose to betray your friendship. She needs to disappear out of your life forever. Your husband needs to never ever have any sort of communication in any form ever with this pig. Your husband needs to pull his head out of his ass, recognize what he has done, apologize and make reparations to save the marriage, if you even still want to. Feel free to show him this.

  7. No I am sure I wouldn’t put up with this, but the reason I asked not to mention it is because I don’t search for the reason right now but an advice to how to handle it

  8. I think they mean the pregnancy test actually being able to show the pregnancy that earlier, not the getting pregnant fast

  9. I thought the same thing when reading this post. It can be hot for these people to read social cues. I just found out my daughter is neurodivergent.

  10. She definitely needs therapy for this. I’m glad that you didn’t take the offer to do this because it would be traumatic for you too as this is not something you want to do. Therapy will help and assure her that she won’t ever be violated like that again and can heal. Just keep assuring her that you love her and her body belongs to her and she can feel safe.

  11. That’s a mind fuck if it’s true. I’m literally begging him to just tell me “I don’t want a relationship with you”/“I don’t want to be with you or see you anymore” and he won’t.

    If he did, I could move on. But I feel stuck in limbo with him now.

  12. That man would have been dead if that happened in front of my mom….

    Break up with him before he starts some drama, save yourself from the trouble.

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