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Date: October 1, 2022

7 thoughts on “Aylen Hills on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. Some people get very nervous when they get too close to someone – it makes them feel vulnerable. So I believe her feelings were sincere, and so is her anxiety.

    Also the “moving too fast” thing is real. How well do we really know someone in 3 months? We think we do – we try to convince ourselves we do – but it really takes a long time to know what a person does when they are feeling depressed, neglected or angry. Your GF probably has had some disappointments before, and wants to avoid the same mistakes in future.

    Give her a few days of silence, then contact her to see where she's at. If she contacts you first, of course, it's fine to talk to her.

  2. Your fiancee is a horrible person. Just absolutely horrid. Maybe you left things out when describing her, but nothing at all this this post indicates any kind of redeeming qualities in a human.

  3. Microbiologist here. If that’s the case, it’s likely an ignorance problem. It’s a popular misconception that vaginas are inherently gross or dirty. Many people take a perfectly healthy vagina smell or taste as a sign that something is wrong, or expect their partner to douche (don’t douche, it’s not healthy). Rinsing externally with water is the best approach, and one of many reasons why bidets are excellent.

  4. He might not accept it because iirc there has to be a time period after they no longer have you as a patient.

  5. Yeah the double standard is wild. Also, who dates a man 10 years their senior then complains about his pedo stash, lol. It writes itself.

  6. This sounds like a story I've read before. It was the same thing the girlfriend crying about her ex-boyfriend getting married and to find out she was upset because they were talking about marriage and her boyfriend at the time didn't want to marry which caused the breakup I think. And when she found out her ex is getting married that's what broke her.

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