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Date: October 1, 2022

20 thoughts on “Kendal-May live! webcams for YOU!

  1. OP please get some solo therapy to dive deeper into why you’re so jealous and where this all is stemming from. He is showing you the chats, is obviously rejecting her advances and you still don’t trust him. Give him space, and work on yourself.

  2. You aren’t his gf OP, you are a sexual tool he’s using for his own fetish. There is absolutely no chance that you will ever have a normal relationship with him. As soon as the novelty of you being with other guys Fades he will be on to his next victim.

    You are still very young OP. It’s very, very common to make mistakes and have errors of judgment at your age. It comes with the territory. You need to get out. Take your time. Make careful plans. Do it suddenly and without discussion or confrontation. It will work out for you. Don’t worry. Thank your young self later. Good luck. ❤️

  3. This is a problem for many people, i personally think most relationships only work, if the people in it can actually be happy alone. A relationship is an enhancement to your life and should not be a pillar you build your happiness on. This puts unnecessary pressure on the relationship and it shows in your behaviour from the start, as you said, you get clingy and stuff cause your happiness is bound to this other person and the relationship working out.

    Couldn't agree more. Also being comfortable with being single gives you the psychological armor to know that your life won't fall apart if you feel the need to break up with someone.

  4. Relationships are easy when your with the right person .

    Only so much can be fixed and it requires both people seeing it the same way .

    remember arguments are normal, however the are never about who is at fault, it's about how to solve the problem. If he's arguing about fault then he's not mature enough.

    You should have a baby with someone you can't wait to have a baby with, if not your going to tie yourself to this person for 18 years MINIMUM.

    He'll always have some control over you thu that baby.

    your still young, find yourself first, then when you have a baby with the right person you can teach that baby how to find themselves also.

  5. Off the bat, you know him better than any of us so it’ll be hot for any of us to suggest the proper way to do something like this not knowing the type of person he is or humor he has. Be mindful of that.

    Having said that, I have an idea that you’ll have to be very careful with. If he’s a hardcore gamer (and full disclosure I’m not), I’d assume that he or his profile(s) have an existing reputation and data saved accordingly.

    Now, maybe it’s all saved or backed up in the cloud and this wouldn’t be an issue anyway, but I’ll assume you’re not sure if that’s the case.

    As such, depending on how well you know his humor, you could consider telling him that you accidentally broke his laptop doing [make it up]. Just make sure you keep it safe.

    At that point you can decide on how far you want to go with it based on how he responds. Then present him with the gift. Good luck.

  6. You are working your ass off trying to make a better life for the two of you and she is resentful that you are not giving her enough attention and goes and has an affair.

    She doesn't “have a point”. You need someone that has your back during tough times! What would she do if you got sick?

  7. Isn't that how everyone really operates, not just in romantic relationships, but platonic relationships? They're all transactional to some extent. To what extent is acting in self-interest sociopathic?

  8. I never said you need to record. I said if you did, everyone would agree it's abuse, no matter how often he does that.

    Give him an ultimatum and follow through with it.

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