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Date: September 26, 2022

11 thoughts on “Anna Sofia online webcams for YOU!

  1. I’d agree but at what point is it unreasonable. Two properties and investments is still income. Better than most. A valuation of a few million after only 3 years means revenue was made and he was probably still earning.

  2. Yeah I've occasionally gotten some shitty directions from Google maps before, but its never been a whole kilometer off for eight+ hours.

  3. If all you've typed here is true:

    Giving him permission to sleep around is not the same as “addressing the issue.” Your husband is incapable of being faithful, and you gave him the free pass. Now that you're happy, he says he wants to be. …

    Until he meets more of your friends. Then he'll want to open the marriage again.

    Have some respect for yourself and separate from him. Divorce. So you can have your fun at your own whim, not his.

  4. He's fantasizing about her finally asking to do this

    Was I the only one who was completely thrown about how much it seems like he DOESN'T want her to ask about it?

    “having 2+ doctor visits (consultation and removal procedure at the very least) between us and a pregnancy would mean it could never be spontaneous/romantic”

    It really seems like he's fantasizing about an accidental pregnancy lol

  5. Whoa, the unkindest cut. Gut check (with a professional) on why you would issue this kind of pain to someone that thought they were having a conversation. Probably because you aren't sure of what you want except to plunge ahead on your terms without entertaining talks of change.

  6. Dude…vaginas aren't supposed to be pretty…and the next time he says something like that, word for word, tell him, “Well, if I stand upside down, I still got a pussy. You got a face.” ? ? ? ? ? ? That's from a newspaper comic where a dude was standing like that… ? ? ? ? ? ?

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