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  1. Hey you got drugged. I literally read a story last week about something similar happening to another couple. Everything you described sounds like you got drugged, it doesn’t matter if it came from the bar it literally takes 1 second to put the drug in a drink

  2. I only ask because it’s either his ex-girlfriend or it’s not and if it’s not when you take all of that away, you guys have been seeing each other for a little while now he seems to have expressed his interest, and you just went on this trip together. obviously not knowing him or how forward he is. I’m not sure if he would just come right out and say it or not but as he did just get out of a nine year relationship that almost ended in marriage, maybe he’s afraid to get hurt again. If to him you don’t really seem that interested in more, maybe he’s just kind of distancing himself.

    Either way, I would be careful because this does smell a lot like a rebound relationship and while he’s probably craving the level of affection he had before I think it will wear off quickly and he may want to explore his options.

  3. I’m sorry this is happening. You need to sit down and have a candid conversation with him, but you need to go into prepared for your “dealbreakers”. He cannot force you to stay home but in your current dynamic there are consequences that are unfair and you shouldn’t have to deal with (his being angry and pissed of if you do).

    You need to underhand….does he trust yiu? BC your friend being single shouldn’t matter id he does? Does have a (few, reasonable places he’s rather you not go?). Is there a compromise to be had? If not, is it dealbreaker for you ? Something relationship ending for you (would be for me)? You need two need to talk. Good luck

  4. He will be over his sadness in a few short weeks while you'll be dealing with pregnancy, delivery, childcare and motherhood for the rest of your life. These two things are not equal. You aren't ready. Keep your plan and try when timing is better for you.

  5. Disney adults can only be with Disney adults in a relationship. It's either that, or the partner has to be willing to put up with it.

    It's the same with any obsession. If someone is obsessed with collecting pop vinyls and will pour thousands of dollars a year to get them bc they love them, their partner has to, either be the same, have their own obsession, or face reality that it's fact, bc they will have to try really hot to change their partner.

    Just move on. You don't have to change yourself, but you need to find someone who is OK with it, or is the same. If you want to change that's different, but if you really are OK with how it effects your life, that's fine too. But there is no such thing as a healthy obsession, bc obsession as an idea is unhealthy (even if your obsession is exercising, it'll be all you talk about, do and force other peopl to hear. An exercising obsession isn't inherintly good for your body either).

    Frankly Disney adults is a cult, where people pour heavy financial resources and time to be included and surrounded by it. Everything has to be Disney or you're just not a good enough Disney adult. And it usually results in you having to be friends with Disney adults, and marry or date a Disney adult. If you're adamant with it and are perfectly contempt with it, that's fine, but don't try to get back together with someone who has no interest in it. It's a heavy financial, time, stress, and effort toll on people who want none of that. Just like he can't change you.

  6. Bob sounds like he’s got some big honkin’ bitch tits. Just let the wedding pan out from here and don’t pay it no mind.

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