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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. I was that guy. I felt bad knowing but if I said anything it would put my relationship in Jeopardy. I finally broke up with my girlfriend and shortly after spilled the beans. I feel like what he’s telling you is too specific. Your girl cheated my man, it sucks, but it’s better to know now that have to try and fight that feeling when y’all are married

  2. I’m atheist and boyfriend is Christian. It’s not that big of a deal when neither of you are in your face people.

  3. Yes. I had the woman who my ex tried to cheat on whilst he was with me tell me. I appreciated it SO much. Please tell her so she knows what fake relationship she has.

  4. I’ve definitely talked about how I feel about it with him. He swears up and down he’s not lying or hiding anything, yet doesn’t even let me touch his phone to scroll thru his emails to see if he’s having any porn accounts (he previously was addicted to porn). He use to have thousands of photos of porn in a folder on his desk and called them “trophies”.

  5. You need to be very patient with each other. The first time is painful but can be enjoyable if you communicate. Make sure there is LOTS of foreplay and lube. Sex is meant to be pleasurable for both of you. Don’t be afraid yo speak up when it hurts.

  6. What I’m saying is that it often isn’t, but it can build up to life or death when people are being pressured from all sides. You described how you feel pressure from being on-call at work. Lots of people feel that way, and it gets worse when you add family, friends, and other commitments. And sometimes, it actually is life or death.

    I recently cancelled a visit with a friend because my mother had a stroke and I was driving her to the hospital. If I had felt like my friend would be upset at me for cancelling, like you would be, I’d have been in even more of a state than I already was.

    It’s not enough to be okay “if the stakes are high enough.” You have to let them judge that and be okay with their decisions. Assume they have a good reason for cancelling. Think well of them.

  7. Yeah i guess ur ryt i dont know but i kept compwring myself to other couples that get engaged that easily even in a short period of dating

  8. Commenting on this post because it's so downvoted for some reason. I likewise don't like kissing. My wife, who does like kissing, knows that and you know what she does? She respects my boundaries.

    You are absolutely correct that kissing and sharing food are not the only ways to make someone feel loved. If he felt he needed those to feel loved, he needed to express that and then leave if it was such a deal-breaker for him. Instead, he stayed by his own choice and constantly tested your boundaries. The sharing food definitely seems like one he thought would be easier to make you capitulate on. Once one boundary breaks, it's on to the next inconvenient one for him, and then the next…

  9. That doesn’t explain why I was fun and the sex was good enough for 9 months and worth moving in with me from across the country, only to be told we never had fun and never had passionate sex.

  10. How do you truly think the police will react when you report potential future (but unplanned) crimes that your ex might commit?

  11. Break up is the right choice. She isn't honest with you, you still haven't seen her messages.

    Just leave her, ypu are fundamentally incompatible and ypu know for hoq good she may be you can't trust her and she is cheating on you at least through messages.

    Make the right choice even ef it's hard.

  12. Has he explained why he doesn't give flowers? I dated a guy once who wouldn't on principal because he thought it was stupid and wasteful to give something that's dying – as well as not very environmentally friendly. He gave live! plants instead, which was a nice gesture and got the same point across so I was ok with it.

    But tbh this doesn't sound like that, this just sounds like someone who can't be bothered doing a very simple thing to make his partner happy. Which makes him a bit of an asshole really. I do think crying yourself to sleep over flowers is hugely dramatic, but I get that it's more about the fact that he doesn't seem interested in doing something nice for you than the actual flowers themselves. So… Have you asked him why? That'd be the crux of it for me. Why doesn't he give flowers?

  13. I don't even think it's about someone “looking for reassurance”. To me it's just basic manners to not agree when other people mention their less attractive attributes.

    Like if someone tells me they've gained 50 pounds, I react like they've told me something I didn't already know, but like I have no opinion of it. Say “okay” and let them continue telling the story. If they don't continue, but just let that statement hang in the air, I ask them if they have something going on, or how they feel about it, or something. I do not comment on their fat, instead I'll let them tell me about it.

    There's really very few instances when you have to state your opinion on other people's bodies. One is if they specifically ask you. Even in that case, you are always careful! You either

    lie to spare their feelings evade the question a bit tell the truth but add reassurances.

    So the answer to “I've gained weight, my ass looks huge, doesn't it?” would be:

    No, you're ass isn't huge, come on! Hmm, I think it's just the dress, there's something weird about it. Maybe it's a bit bigger than before, but you're still beautiful.

    Nothing good ever comes from agreeing with people's self criticism. They will just get depressed and will not have the energy to fix the problem. Even if they are already doing something about it, you should still avoid talking about the problem: just focus on the solution. Ie: “Good for you, zumba is really good exercise, you'll get so healthy!” not: “It's good you're finally loosing the weight, being overweight is so unhealthy!”

  14. You have to speak up in the moment (again). When he next makes a joke, sigh, and say “haha” very dryly. And then say something like, “I know I've said it before, but I guess I didn't sound serious. These divorce comments only remind me of a sad time in my life, and I don't want to be reminded of sad times in my life. So let's not bring it up as a joke anymore, ok?”

    Hopefully that'll end it. If he does it again, call him on it. If he does it again, you’ll know you're with a guy who doesn't care, and does what he wants.

  15. Congratulations on the impending conception of your first child.

    Fun Facts: The Rhythm Method is unreliable.

    Another Fun Fact: Birth Control Pills were developed by an American Catholic in the hopes that it would be compliant with Catholic Forced Birth dogma.

  16. A real apology requires caring about the person you're apologizing to. If their feelings are irrelevant then it's just empty words.

  17. If you're in a relationship and still hanging around with people you fucked and calling them just friends, you're an asshole and this is a recipe for disaster.

  18. If you had sex on Christmas and got engaged on valentines that’s around 8 weeks pregnant. I believe the first ultrasound is around then, but it’s an internal one. Miscarriage last week would be 13 weeks or in the second trimester. Definitely should have had an ultrasound by then. At the very least to confirm the miscarriage.

  19. So did he admit it to you last night or three weeks ago when you said it happened and then took a plan b? Either way you should leave him and he doesn’t need to be there for a pregnancy test

  20. Could be but, she’s not fond of doctors. Worse yet, we live! in Canada so we’re entitled to a medical card and she hasn’t applied for one/renewed it. I’ve literally urged her to get one because all it takes is one medical emergency and she’ll have to pay upfront without it.

  21. I mean you broke up with her, you did the right thing.

    What are you looking for advice for?

    Go get tested

  22. Leave.

    You tell her by giving her divorce papers.

    Let her try to survive on her salary/wage.

    When you file for divorce, fight for full custody of your children. You can use her being a nurse, and you being able to work from home, while you probably won’t get it, you will stand a better chance than she does.

  23. Leave.

    You tell her by giving her divorce papers.

    Let her try to survive on her salary/wage.

    When you file for divorce, fight for full custody of your children. You can use her being a nurse, and you being able to work from home, while you probably won’t get it, you will stand a better chance than she does.

  24. I am Christian what the fuck are you talking about??? We only say for sex outside of marriages in the marriage we say reproduce and prosper ????

  25. Oh she's gonna do it again, that's for sure. He cuts her off, not the other way round, she wanted it to carry on. She didn't regret shit, she's a liar, and you would be a dumb idiot to crawl back to her

  26. Guy, she isn't just waiting for some arbitrary date to date you. Don't bother waiting, move on. All that's going to happen is come January, she's have a boyfriend and it won't be you and you'll be hurt and angry over an expectation you created for yourself.

  27. He was using dating apps to get validation from women that aren’t you.

    He was swiping on women and leading them all on to believe he’s interested.

    He admitted to flirting on Snapchat with a girl, who possibly could’ve been from from a dating app.

    I don’t know about you, but when I go to a friends house I absolutely don’t take off my pants and furthermore, leave their house without pants on.

    Girl wake up

  28. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Until you learn how to communicate, don’t date. This is so toxic.

  29. My dad is a diagnosed narcissistic sociopath. He did not feel emotions in a normal way when I was growing up unless he was on medication. He was only proud of me when it made him look good to others. He only showed affections to others when it made him feel good, not when it only affected the other person. Nothing was ever mutual with him. He did not love us like a normal parent should have, it felt like he only showed support or affection when it benefited him in some way.

    You NEED to understand that you are NOT an exception to him. He can’t feel empathy to anything INCLUDING YOU. Sociopaths are extremely smart (usually), and are very good manipulators, sometimes they don’t even know what they are doing is wrong, because they don’t understand emotions the same way we do. Please actually look into this from a view that is not biased, please go see a professional with him, and possibly try to speak to that professional without him in the room

  30. Bringing the new one in from another country? I’m willing to bet she is going to take him for all his money. Lawyer up now to financially protect yourself from the incoming gold digger. Good luck.

  31. I will girl I’m so excited to be myself!! It’s only been a few days since I left his ass and I feel so empowered I haven’t felt this happy since high school. Much love !

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