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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. I wouldn’t date him. I’m not sure why are you even need to ask this question if you were as devoutly religious as you say you are, that would be a dealbreaker I would think. I was racing Mormon, and when I was active, I would’ve never hung out with somebody like that.

  2. She slapped you while trying to save her from herself (domestic violence) & leaving w a stranger She was going to cheat on you even though y’all were there together She can’t be trusted not to cheat If she tried to do that in front of you has she cheated that you don’t know about? If you stay it’ll happen again You would have been worried sick if you couldn’t find her if you didn’t see her leave

    She should stop drinking on her own for herself. She put herself in a dangerous situation. Also if she had left and you didn’t know about it you would have furiously looking for her & wouldn’t have been able to find her. You probably would have called the police since she suddenly vanished and it would have been a big ordeal. You prob wouldn’t have known about it until she came home the next day or that night but imagine all that time she had been gone and you had no idea where she was. If someone took her against her will, was she hurt, molested or worse. If your friends had not seen her it would have much much worse. Then once you discovered she went home and had sex w a random guy you’d have been devastated. If she told the truth about it all.

    I still think if she did that so easily w you there what has she done when she’s been out w the girls or just any random day? This would be one thing I’d definitely find out before I thought about being w her again. Has she cheated? Ask directly and clear to see what she has to say.

  3. Has it occurred to you that she doesn’t like doing it? Actions speak louder than words, young buck.

  4. Be careful op.

    Bullies very rarely end up turning over a new leaf and sticking to it regardless of how long it may have been since they did the bullying and it’s actually not uncommon for them to find ways to remain in their victims lives simply because their brain craves that feeling of having some form of power over the person they know is afraid of them.

    For all you know, “current” Nina will turn out to be no different to the Nina that you remember once she thinks you’re under the impression that she’s no longer a threat and that she can start pushing boundaries.

    Either way, I wouldn’t go further than just friends even if you are somehow certain she won’t slip back into her old ways.

  5. Single know, whatever you do, a single is kinky and fun, of course within reason. But once you’re in a partnership and intimate partnership, you have to take them into consideration in whatever you’re doing sexually. Because once you’re sexual with somebody you become open in very vulnerable. That’s why we do it is because it feels wonderful.

    Also, people don’t like it on here because it doesn’t work in the relationships and usually that’s what we see on Reddit. It’s not a relationship tool it’s a single experimentation when you’re in your early 20s maybe.

    It doesn’t teach you how to be more faithful or more sexual with the person you’re with or more loving and nurturing or more intimate it teaches you how to quit how to have instant gratification that feels like an addiction, and how to not belong to anybody or care about anything.

  6. i agree with you that an live only relationship cannot compete with a real world one but we already decided that this summer we're going to meet eachother. She also just told me that she wants to marry me and that i am the man that she always dreamt about, she also told me that she feels really bad for liking someone else while we were dating.

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