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  1. So now you don't have to handle it because you're not dating anymore. He listened to your issue and solved your problem

  2. Cheaters lie, then lie some more. They gaslight, they blame shift and, did I mention, they lie. She's been with this dude since she was married, and I can bet she got caught by her hubby. Her FWB is most likely married or something like that, so she takes what she can get.

    You've been had……big time.

  3. You’re not sure if she’s laughing with you or at you? If she’s laughing at you, do you think you have a snowball’s chance in hell?

  4. This isn’t the right guy for you. You could meet a guy tomorrow and be married within 2 years. Don’t wait for this one, especially if you want to have kids.

  5. Okay? I wasn’t talking about OP’s gf. I was replying to the people who acted like it’s absolutely freakish not to shower daily.

  6. As I can imagine how crazy it must be to go through this and find your side of the room gone, you did call her bluff as you knew the consequences beforehand

  7. Do you really want to marry someone who isn’t sure about building a life with you after 6 years? You deserve a proposal from someone who loves you and your flawed personality and is excited to be married to you. You’re not going to get that from him. Don’t settle for this. You’re so young and already so accomplished. In another 5 years you could be happily married to someone who felt like the luckiest man on earth to get to marry you. Hold out for the real thing. This ain’t it.

  8. The baby in your womb is not “your body.” It has separate DNA than you. You're essentially giving it a piggyback ride.

  9. So your boyfriend treats you well, does his best to be transparent with you, invites you to parties to keep you included, and cuts off any girl you feel threatened by. And you can't trust him why?

    Side note, if I was someone who only wanted to lose my virginity to someone I love I'd definitely regret losing it to my GF that regularly snoops my phone because she doesn't trust me. That's nuts. Yall have been together a month, there is no way you love each other already and you are already going through his phone all the time. This relationship is a mess.

  10. I'm mostly over it, I haven't dated or even been intimate with anyone since because I legitimately don't know if I can trust someone again. I've gotten into a good groove of living for myself and keeping people at distance but I'm doing relatively alright.

    That whole situation completely destroyed my world view, if the person I completely trusted could do something like that to me and leave me to fend for myself, why trust anyone.

  11. That’s definitely true and yeah big city marathon it’s totally different (and honestly even then it’s also better as a spectator because the race has more fanfare even if you don’t give a fuck about running, the excitement/energy is palpable) even with smaller ones tho – usually you have some idea of your pacing and can say “between x-x” and also people have tracking apps on their phone/Apple Watch now too, lots of ways to make this easier for the spectator to sort of dip in and out for a quick cheer/pit stop.

    My dad runs marathons in his 60s so I’m used to supporting him, but have also run a few of my own over the years, mostly 5ks now lol, not nearly as active as my dad ?

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