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  1. The next morning they all just talked about how funny I was being drunk and that the man was laughing at me too. Thats all i heard the next day and i know my dad would never of went to bed and left me there if he thought for a split second that the man was going to try something, he was like mid-late 50’s. I couldnt talk to them about it now because it would kill them with guilt knowing that something potentially happened to me

  2. Oof, to me that reads like she needs to re-evaluate if the relationship is what she wants or not. Obviously, respect her boundary, but if she comes back and wants to continue the relationship, you clearly need to work on things.. a counselor wouldn't be a bad idea.

    In terms of suspicions, I don't think she is any more or less likely to cheat while with her family if she's chatting with you or not.. This just sounds like she's trying to figure out if she still wants to be with you or not.

  3. Just never talk to him again. Let him work it out for himself. Never drink that much again? What a fuckin joke. He would have to completely stop going to bars if there is any hope of him not drinking that much again, not gonna happen anytime soon. He was so excited to get drunk that he couldn't even wait for you to join the party. Then he “got lost” because his friends were the priority, not you.

    I have a brother that gets black out drunk (angry drunk) and starts fights, taking care of a train wreck like that is terrifying. I had a friend that would get black out drunk (reckless drunk) and would run from the cops and lose all rationality. Just don't. You aren't even super serious with him, move on to better people than that. Drinking releases his rage, jealousy, competition, domination. It feels good while it's happening and then the next day he loses memory of it anyways, he's not going to change for a casual girlfriend.

  4. What complicated things is that she knows my current girlfriend and has suddenly become very interested in her (current gf's) life. So much so that the current gf says “sort out your previous relationship, I don't want to be a part of whatever unsolved issues you guys have”.

  5. If you both tried flossing, brushing, AND water-pik'g your mouths before you go to bed, you'd be amazed at the difference it makes overnight. Don't forget your tongue, the roof of your mouth, and the inside of your cheeks with the toothbrush & the water pik.

    Not only better for your dental health (and, therefore, your overall health), but much better for your love life, too! Try it yourself first if he's unwilling and see how much better YOU feel in the morning! Then, when you see it's very successful see if he will join you. If he won't then you'll need to decide if you can stand truly unnecessary 'morning breath' with someone who won't take steps to cure it.

  6. You're making a lot of generalisations with your comments assuming everyone thinks people with autism are like “Rain Man”. I don't think I know anyone who's immediate thought is Rain Man when autism is brought up.

    There's autism, then there's being invalidating and inconsiderate, and not taking responsibility for that.

  7. The chances that Google maps got it wrong, placed her at a coworkers house, and the same coworker that you've had suspicions about are astronomical. That's too much coincidence for me to brush off.

  8. He ended up replying back “Hey! Sorry I’m just getting back to you. It was great to hang out with you as well! I had a great time and was glad we found that little spot seemingly in the middle of nowhere ? we’ll definitely have to do it again sometime soon. Hope you have a great day at work tomorrow!”

    Which I’ve always been told if they don’t specify a next time for a second date they aren’t that interested.

  9. There is no going back from this, at least not how you want it to be. You or your husband can never go back to your home country.

  10. Sorry dude but it's just not your call.

    I get that you're only 21 and not ready to live together yet, but you've been together 5+ years and “planning to live! together for like 2 years”. How long is she supposed to wait for you to be ready? She's not allowed to get a dog in the meantime because you want her to be dog-free when you decide you're ready for her to live! with you? Doesn't seem fair to me.

  11. If this isn’t performance art that you’re over-committing to now that you’ve been called out on this being ripped from an episode of a TV show, then my dude, go talk to a professional. It seems that you are seeing the world differently than most, and you might want to discuss that with a professional.

  12. So…your boyfriend was going to commit a violent act, kicking your dog. You chose the dog over an abusive, violent person. Pretty simple choice, if you ask me.

  13. LMAOOOOOOOOO bro wait until you find out that some people have been married for decades without ever straying from their partners. God you’re so pathetic

  14. I'm sorry I sound like that – My thoughts and the whole conflict is exhausting for myself as well. I am a monogamous person myself and despise cheating. Polygamy is not my thing.

  15. Tell him thats not how gifts work.

    I suppose your gifts didn't come with a paper of stipulations to keep them?

    Give him the ring back and keep the rest. Cheating has consequences!

    Good luck!

  16. Hardly any men are interested in party planning, this alone seems a small reason to cancel.

    But if you want to cancel, then I'm guessing it's not a decision you came to lightly so you really just have to go with your gut instinct.

  17. I must admit, in my country, graduation isn't that big of a deal.

    I mean, you already did all the work. If nobody you care for is here to see you walk, what is the point? That strangers watch you walk with pride because you graduated?

    Don't get me wrong, you deserve to be celebrated, but amongst the people that are proud of you. I don't get the american hype around graduation.

    In your shoes i would consider:

    -attending your brother's wedding with a graduating student gown (that's petty though) -asking your brother to add a little something in his speech about you missing your graduation to be here today, and mentioning you graduating. -organizing a graduation party to celebrate your graduation

  18. She had no reason as to why she didn't with me

    Really? She needs a reason to decline anal?

    Are you sure you're 40?

    She doesn't owe you this type of sex.

    Ever thought that it's damaging and she's not into it right now, no? Maybe it's your attitude that pushes her away.

    What, you think she owes you all your porn kinks?

  19. This isn’t something where I’ve told her definitively that I’m uncomfortable, and it’s not necessarily that I’m uncomfortable I’m just trying to see if someone has had some situation similar to this

  20. You tried to off yourself because your ex didn't want to have sex with you, and you can't see why she doesn't want to add you to her health insurance?

  21. To your wife you can only apologise and explain that you stayed an extra half hour to walk her down the aisle because you (reasonably) thought you'd get there before she went into active labour and offer to talk through it with a therapist.

    To Amanda you need to explain to her that you are extremely upset that you missed the rest of her wedding but you prioritised walking her down the aisle over support your wife who is going into labour and it would be unreasonable to have expected anything more from you. I'm sure she'll understand once she has a baby herself.

  22. His alcoholic shitfuckery isn't your fault.

    You simply told him your truth, that he's a manipulative lying alcoholic asshole, and you friends and family detest him because of his alcoholism and assholery. That's all pretty accurate information. It's not on you for speaking the truth, you're just the messenger.

    He can either keep sucking down the liquor like a baby from it's bottle. Or he can do something about it and get sober.

    Contact the police. Tell them the situation and tell them hes sending harassing messages, threatening suicide and you'd like tjem to do a well person check.

  23. She has sealed her fate. If she had any iota of love for your children, she would try harder to stay with you, she fails as both a mother and a wife, so the fault is not yours. She can gaslight you into next year, but that won't change the fact she made the active decision to betray you and your children. Trust the advice of others, and stand your ground in morality, because your children's futures will depend on it.

    A prayer for you: May no gentle sunrise grace her life, may she never know peace, pleasure, or happiness, and may everything she cherishes most be stolen away, never to return from now to the end of time itself.

  24. You asked her if there is a chance that you two can get back together and she said no. Continually telling her how you feel towards her after that can be considered overbearing. She said no, now leave it at that. If you two continue to communicate and occasionally see each other, keep it as friendship only DO NOT express your feelings towards her you will only push her further away.

  25. You aren’t finding anyone attractive because you haven’t split up, disengaged and healed. You are worrying over nothing.

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