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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. Probably because he was in default on child support. If I had to guess I’d say that is why he finally got a job.

  2. It kinda seems like miscommunication with good intentions to me. In serious relationships that are long term, you are not always 100% attracted to your SO. We all go through changes and that’s okay. My husband and I have said similar things to each other but never in a mean way. He sees that you have this insecurity about size, he’s acknowledging it (likely so you can’t claim he’s lying) and saying that it doesn’t matter, the WHOLE of you trumps just the physical aspect. I get that it sucks to hear because you feel you’ve been lied to, to me I think he’s said you’re perfect in the past because as a whole you are to him. He said to not loose weight because he didn’t want you to go crazy over it and affect mental health that way. Again, these are just my opinions and I could be wrong. I think you need to take a step back. Is it just the white lie that bothered you? Does it bother you in any situation? If so, address that. But if it isn’t just him saying to not loose weight and that you’re perfect and you perceiving that as a lie, then I think you need to address your own self esteem issues.

  3. There was nothing wrong with shooting your shot. I think she’s telling others about it for attention painting her as a victim and you as a creep. I would just start telling people to fuck off including her.

  4. If your BF doesn't recognize how toxic his sister is by now, he never will. He sounds like the kind of person to say “that is just how they are”. If he is saying anything like that, you might as well hit the door now or be ready to spend your years in hell. His attitude may be every bit as toxic as his sister's.

    Enabling people like her just serves to embolden them. Everyone in her family has taught her that this okay. If he cannot see it, he cannot fix it, and by extension, himself.

  5. He's emotionally manipulating you. I hope you realize that. If you're together so often, does that mean you're neglecting other friendships and relationships? It sounds like he wants all of your attention. He's immature at the least and controlling at the most. Be on the lookout for other red flags and signs of isolation or controlling behavior. It's only been 6 months and this is how he's acting about a scheduling conflict that isn't about him.

    A normal response would be, “Have fun! Tell them I said hi and sorry I missed them.”

  6. As the child/kid of a Brit and an American, I think/reckin you/y'all should tell this guy/chap to fuck/fuck the FUCK off. If it starts with pronunciation, it's going to end somewhere far less fun.

  7. Sadly the onlt things i can think of is time and trying to keep busy. Find a hobby or something you like that you can invest time in and.. just wait.. heartbreak takes time..

  8. I just checked in with my husband to get his thoughts because I actually could not believe there were so many comments saying the boudoir shots with friend as photog would not be appreciated. I did a boudoir session with a friend photographer last year & my husband loved them. I did not do nudes, but the lingerie left nothing to the imagination. Husband says tasteful nudes would have been appreciated. Solo “Porn” nudes he says would have been questionable unless he took them or the shoot was at least discussed in advance. (I'd never, but it was hypothetical. ) He was ok with the male photog – this friend has been a professional artist for a few decades. We've been to his gallery showings. We've bought some of his landscape & micro photos. My guy earned husband of the year points with a “it's your body, you do what you want.” comment. Clearly we know each other pretty well, know where boundaries lie.

    I think the real issue is that OP & his wife don't have a sense of what each other's boundaries are for starters. 2nd the photog in OP's story is 23… OP & wife are only slightly older but geez there is a whole lot of inexperience going on here.

    OP this is a live & learn situation. Sounds like your wife may not have even known her own boundaries. This is a great opportunity to explore those boundaries and have open communication, and a lot of grace for each other. This will strengthen your relationship if you let it. Maybe give her back any photos you truly don't appreciate.

    As for 23 year old photog… talk to him about getting rid of all the copies permanently. Maybe some advice about keeping a boudoir shot a boudoir shot to reduce his own liability against assault/rape accusations, or just plain old unprofessionalism. And as a beginner male professional photog he may want to ensure there is a female chaperone or the client's husband present for all shoots. I'd be honest about not being happy that the boudoir session turned into a nude/porn session without prior written consent. (Assuming that's the case).

  9. That was my read too, but I saw quite a few comments earlier reading it in different ways and wanted to check. He sounds absolutely horrible.

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