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Date: September 24, 2022
Actors: mia-rendon

8 thoughts on “Mia-rendon live sex cams for YOU!

  1. What you people forget that there were several people talking bad about OP for 40 hours a week over multiple weeks/months.

    An insecure person might be influenced by that. Combined with the missing self esteem to counter them, this situation happens.

  2. Break up. Your family might like him but you are their daughter. You and your happiness will always come first. Im sure if they knew how he treated you they wouldn't like him so much either. Free yourself and be happy

  3. There's a difference between something being transactional and expecting some level of reciprocity. I have a general rule that you shouldn't expect anything in a relationship that you aren't willing to give. How is it fair for her to always demand oral and never return the favor?

  4. Pretty unfortunate that women can choose to abort the baby if the father wants it. Can you imagine his feelings if the roles were reversed?

  5. Listen. Christians or at least real Christians are people who are forgiving and non-judgmental. If you messed around or had sex with your previous boyfriend that is not sinning that is being human. Any Christian would truly forgive you for just having a life I mean honestly. Forget this guy and try and expand your horizons.

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