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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Dude you’re 18, you’re not a grown man yet your still a teen. You cant even buy beer yet lol until you move out and can provide for yourself you are stuck doing what your dad says.

  2. You didn’t sour the moment by picking her up from the airport without gifts when she’s returning from a weekend trip. Just FYI. Hopefully she’s not giving you shit about that.

  3. That's a good point. I guess I was nervous to bring it up but you're right, it'll either be a good conversation or a bad one.

  4. Fair enough. Sorry for forgetting that not every country has minimal access to affordable childcare.

    Get the order through the court. Unless she is entitled to spousal support via common in law, all you owe her is being a good father to the child the two of you have.

  5. Couples counseling.

    It will help him learn how to communicate with you and hopefully set boundaries with his mother.

  6. Busy dump him over text and block him on everything.

    Explain to your parents what's going on.

    Tell your close friends.

    If he comes to see you or finds places he knows you frequent tell him to leave or that you'll the cops. File a restraining order.

  7. Everyone here wants to dump on the GF for being with a married man, but I haven't seen any comments that are shaming the man for cheating on his wife. he has the responsibility to his wife not Op's GF. I definitely think this should be posted in a BDSM/DDLG community because it is a different type of relationship (Op's GF and the other guy)

  8. Are you in different fields? Obviously a technologist is gonna have a slightly easier time than a marine biologist who will have an easier time than a fiction writer, you know…

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