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Date: September 18, 2022

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  1. Jealousy is when someone having something takes away from what you have.

    Envy is when you wish you had something someone else has.

    You have envy of your friend's fortune. And it can be really naked to break free of that especially when you envy money, which is given so much importance in our world. When you're struggling financially, it's very hot to take joys in other things.

    Sometimes you just have to sit with that feeling for a bit. Name it, acknowledge it. Get comfortable with it so that you can release it/let go of it.

    If you find yourself spending a lot of time just mulling over it, obsessing, or having spiraling thoughts about it, you might chat with a therapist about intrusive thoughts and how to cope with them. For example, I do emdr for my intrusive feelings, and it helps a lot. Other people use Journaling to help themselves work out their feelings and get to the bottom of them. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help, though in your case your issue isn't a behavior, rather a feeling.

    A long time ago, I read the Jealousy Workbook. It's useful for working out these feelings and getting to a place where you are comfortable with feeling envy, recognizing it, and then letting go of it.

  2. This is a messed up family dynamic.

    Try telling your father you appreciate everything he has done for you and are happy to help him, but that doesn't apply to your uncles and cousins. Then stick to it. That will involve saying “no” to your father. It might involve ending conversations with him abruptly. It will be hot but it's what you have to do.

  3. I'm curious how much worse it would have to get for you to be confident that this is a bad relationship. Would he have to threaten to kill you?

  4. Friends should be able to sleep in a bed with friends without being assaulted. There’s no lesson to be learned here, OP is a victim. There was nothing she could have done to prevent this because if it wasn’t in the bed he would have assaulted her on the couch.

  5. My comment will tie directly into the only other comment as of me posting, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s 20 comments by the time I’m done writing.

    Your age gap matters now and it really really mattered at the beginning. Why? Because of the literal issues you’re describing here in your relationship. He’s abusive. That’s why an 18 year old would pursue a 14 year old; because you wouldn’t know any better.

    That’s not a knock on you. You were a kid. He’s a predator and a scumbag. You only know what you know. In saying that, I’m sorry about what you’ve dealt with. But you need to stop caring about hurting him. He’s an absolute piece of shit. Get out as safely as possible and never look back. Good luck.

  6. Time to cut and run. He's likely already cheating. If not, he will. You are just not compatible in this department. But, the name calling and putting you down? He's abusing you.

  7. No you weren’t. You were a young man and you stabbed your brother in the back. The fact that you now want him to attend your wedding to the very woman you stole from him tells me you’ve learnt nothing and regret nothing.

  8. You should let her go if she wants to go. She is unhappy. She is sitting in an apartment with your friend who ignores her. You work the whole day and the little freetime goes to your friend. You say yourself that you want to say there for several paychecks, so a few months. You rushed this relationship as if you are a teenager. You didn’t even knew this woman and lived with her. Was this a saviour thing? But you just hurt her right now. Even if it is her isdue, the situation makes her crazy and you can't change the situation. You don't want to let her go for selfish reason, but actually you also don't spend time with her. Let her go. You can still stay in contact and if you have a steady life again, you can ask her to try again. But this know…

    And that you also don't see how it feels that your friend totally ignores her, never ask her for the favor, just you, even such small things and as soon as you come home, you go to your friend. And you say that you pay for staying there, so why pay with “favors” for your stay and lose the little time? You also wrote your daily plan and there was no time for your gf?

  9. Huh. I honestly hadn’t thought about that. Here’s the thing: I would characterize our relationship as “brother/sister-ish”, but sometimes things do get a little playful and I can see him thinking that we’re flirting, although I would consider it just being friendly.

    He still refers to his wife as being “beautiful” and “amazing,” at times, so I hadn’t considered he might be looking outside. But that’s definitely not something I’m interested in, so if you’re right I’m going to have to be careful.

  10. It doesn’t sound like you regret this. The fact that you prioritized having sex with your SON’S BEST FRIEND over your son is just…wow. And you feeling relief that he left to college??

    I really, really, really hope your daughter never lets you around her friends ever. This is creepy and predatory behaviour.

  11. I sincerely hope your sister (who is younger than you btw) sleeps with every single guy you're even remotely interested in for the rest of your life. God knows you deserve it lol.

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