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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. You're right, I am describing myself in a better light here because truthfully, while I do not want to completely bash her, she has driven away any friends she has had which is a big reason I tend to stay cordial but not hang out with her.

    We are both on the lease so we both have a duty to pay our landlord and it sounds like she'd rather just leave and move back with her mom and keep paying the rent for our place until the lease is up in June. I will be working on finding a roommate in that time and stay in touch with her. I mentioned in another comment that we're both law students and have knowledge of property and contract law, so we will both do what is necessary to protect ourselves legally.

  2. My (37F) husband (37M) says: First of all, your coworker is right. Just eat the shit sandwich and apologize. Second, you knew they're her favorite – how did you not get extra dumplings in the first place???

    To be fair, he said all of this with a little sarcasm and a great deal of good humor. Mostly because he knows that this, of all things, is small potatoes in a long-term relationship. Sometimes, you can be right or you can be happy. And that goes for both partners at one time or another. Pick your battles.

    Perhaps you could apologize for not getting EXTRA dumplings (because honestly, you should have known she'd want some – we always want dumplings).

    We both also want dumplings now, so thanks for that. 🙂 If you're in the NYC area, please share your dumpling spot.

  3. No. Yes. Maybe. Sometimes we're just bored and like to give our bad backs a rest on a comfortable mattress whilst chatting with a friend.

  4. The question isn’t how can you let them be friends after this, the question is what else has she lied or omitted to tell you about him or other people that she is in contact with.

    So end the relationship.

    Tell her that as she can’t be honest with you, that you are not interested in continuing the relationship with her.

  5. She cheated, you found out and you gave her zero consequences. So she knew you’re a doormat with no self respect, she’s comfortable cheating again with someone else and lying to you. It’s premeditated. She’s not going to stop. You either get used to your wife sleeping with other men or you take action.

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