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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. Not take his answer seriously. You can try but I wouldn't assume he's interested in a relationship until he says that verbatim.

  2. If you unintentionally brushed or swung your hand into your nephew’s crotch while dancing in a group of people, that is not a big deal. In normal families an accidental touch is laughed off with a quick, “oops, sorry!” If you tried to swat his butt and missed, that’s not anywhere close to pedophilia.

    Your bf’s inability to distinguish an accidental bump from an intentional sexual assault is actually a very serious problem. Your bf’s decision to treat you as though you molested your nephew is bizarre, disrespectful, disgusting, and cruel. This would be a deal breaker for me.

  3. How dare I have standards right? If she jumps from guy to guy it highlights a problem with her. Whenever she mentions Jake and the relationship she talks about him in high regards, except for how things ended.

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  5. It’s time to move on from this guy and date someone your own age. Dating should be about finding out if you are compatible. You 2 are not. If someone wants you to change your personality so they will be more comfortable LEAVE.

  6. If the nicest person you ever met was someone who treated you like shit and lied to you about cheating…. you need to find better people in your life.

  7. The age hasn't got much to do with it. He told me he wanted more and left it right before the consultantation to change his mind after getting my hopes up for the past 6 months talking about names births and all the lovely things you dream of. Will we ever feel like a family? I want it to work I love him so much but I feel like his rebound and I was something as a distraction from his heart ace. I was in a d/v relationship before and this is the best iv ever felt till now I'm lost.

  8. No.

    She's not a mother, she was a monster. She didn't protect you, put you in danger of paedophiles, ignored other children being abused by paedophiles, did drugs around you and basically guilty of severe child neglect.

    The fact that your grandmother doesn't acknowledge that pretty much sums up where she got that behaviour from.

    She reaps what she sows, she doesn't get to share in your life now when she had a hand in almost completely destroying it. I'd cut them both off to be honest.

  9. So she’s going on a date with an older man? And you’re supposed to be okay with it?

    Set some boundaries guy.

  10. Absolutely not. He is your coworker and he could ruin your profession life/income if he doesnt take it well. Too risky. Wait it out. Like a lot more.

  11. Agreed. No is a complete sentence. If he wants the kids there, it's on him to find a way to make it work.

  12. His wife is having her very first baby, and it's a high risk pregnancy – you think your Uber budget mattered to anyone but you? You own your home outright and can consider leaving your job to be a babysitter (and apparently you could Uber to their home daily if it was served by Uber), ain't nobody believing that you couldn't afford an Uber if you really wanted to go to the hospital to visit them.

    You didn't want to go there. You wanted to be driven there. You wanted your son to outwardly show, by personally fetching you, how very important you are. But you're not, and you can't get over that.

    Btw, it's common to advise couples that the spouse who owns the problem parent should be the one who deals with them. That might be one explanation why your DIL prefers that your son “handle” interactions with you.

    Also, you're spending a mighty amount of time on the internet for someone who apparently couldn't be arsed to google if postpartum eclampsia is a thing

  13. It really sounds like he's already moved and has no intention of returning. Its over and he's just too much of a coward to say so. Move on with your life.

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