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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. My English isn't that good so I hope I'm saying this right.I have no idea how big the chance is, but I've been told that there is a small chance in which the man doesn't have it because they can actually make some anti bacterial stuff I don't know how to say it. Again, my English isn't that good. Might want to look into that. I've also been told that the underwear or swimsuit or whatever needs to be really dirty to be able to transmit it so the chance of her getting it from that is really small.

  2. I’m pretty sure the only reason she even thought of this scenario is because she hates herself for you being frustrated and is willing to let you break her heart to not feel that guilt.

    You can DEFINITELY make it work with her disability or not, there are many ways to go about this that don’t involve others.

  3. That’s sad. There is conspiracy to have a central governing entity, cbdc that is programmable, and a bunch of stuff.. everything that people think is “theory”, is actually being blasted over all main stream medias, daily. Definite shift is nigh, and there’s a balance to be had in the middle of those in denial and those who think that it’s all the hubris with politics/vaccines.

  4. All you can do is be open and honest about how much these things are bothering you. Either she works to make those changes or she might not be the right person for you.

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