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Date: October 3, 2022

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  1. Thank you! “This thing happens when we were 16, should I get a divorce???” What? Maybe hash it out a bit, but there wasn’t cheating involved and everyone was 16! God forbid any of us are held as adults to our actions at 15-16. This is childish, so maybe they shouldn’t be married I til everyone grows up a bit.

  2. That's a good point – he doesn't have to respond if he doesn't want to/if he is already in a relationship. I'll keep you posted if he responds! Thank you for the advice!

  3. My bad, let me fix my statement. There used to be an option that popped up every time I typed numbers to send cash, but after googling, they got rid of that in October.

  4. I have a friend – a good, close, friend – whose fashion sense is embarrassing. So embarrassing that people stare. So embarrassing that it’s sometimes humiliating to be seen with her. So cringe.

    You know what I tell her? Nothing. That I’m embarrassed to be seen with her is on me, even though her clothing choices can be objectively awful.

    Bottom line? It’s one sweatshirt. Suck it up. Hopefully it’ll fall apart in the wash.

  5. If you are unhappy, you are unhappy. The choices you can make are. 1. Tell him that you feel unappreciated and ask of him to show more appreciation. Tell him what he can do that makes you feel more appreciated. If he cares about how you are feeling, it wont not be so hot for him to start doing these things. 2. Dont tell him and break up. 3. If you have told him and he hasnt changed. You have to decide if it is worth staying.

  6. None of what happened to your sister is your fault, end of discussion. He was good to you (until he cheated) and that's all you know. The “why didn't he abuse me”, frankly, doesn't matter. And your family is awful for not believing you.

    My best guess is that he blames your sister for ruining your relationship (even tho he was equally at fault), and probably didn't want a kid with her. So he's taking out his frustrations on her

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