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Date: September 22, 2022

10 thoughts on “Your Vi the very hot on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Oh please , you could tell your SO every day how beautiful they look and they will still seek validation from others in someway

  2. 12lbs isn't exactly a drastic weight gain. This doesn't sound like good faith at all. If he's cares about your health then your mental health should be his priority. He's also only back tracking after you got upset. He would have led with the health concerns if it were true.

  3. If it isn’t a HELL YES, it’s a no. If he wanted to pursue things further with you, he would, but you are enjoying the new attention (understandably so) and so you are overlooking things because you are enjoying feeling attractive and desired again by a new person. That’s that energy I’m talking about. It makes the other person feel like you wouldn’t necessarily care WHO you got your rocks off with right now as long as it’s someone new, like he doesn’t know you want HIM yet because right now your brain just knows you want someone who ISNT the ex. That’s not an affirmation. That’s feeling like a consolation prize.

  4. From the post seems like he’s mostly upset you told him about the sex, not that it occurred, is that accurate? Because people in here are shitting on him pretty hot but the distinction between him being upset you had the gall to fuck someone(this would be the shitty thing for him to do) or just upset that you told him for no reason.

    I think the difference there is a big factor. Like maybe he thinks you told him this as a little “fuck you” for the original breakup.

  5. Yeah I'm so sorry he's having an affair at the very least and a dad at the most. But you have proof it's in this entire post, but even if you walked in on him fucking her with a positive DNA test in his hand he'd still somehow spin it and gaslight you into thinking it's not “concrete proof” you're wrong. Please at the very least look up narcissistic abuse and I'm not gonna say leave him that's your decision but at least get a “what if I left him plan in place” take ya time if needed or take the plunge but this is no life and certainly not a healthy relationship. You deserve better xxx

  6. You need to include all the information in the post originally you did not so there was a bunch of information left out

  7. The thing about people… a lot can be:

    she is an incredible person

    And have that wild side to them.

    I'd say, if you're enjoying what's going on… keep rolling with it.

    Why smother a flame that is working and you two mutually like it? (You're enjoying it, right?).


    Hey, I don't want to ruin this by sexting too much.

    Can cause a withdrawal and actually break something.

    Instead, if that is working and you're genuinely enjoying it… keep that thriving (cause its working).

    Don't say: I want to remove the fun bits and focus on building a relationship.

    Instead say: I want to keep the fun bits, meanwhile adding to our relationship.

    Add the layers as you go, don't remove what's not proven to be broken.

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