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  1. My man, sounds like you need to forgive yourself and move on.

    Everyone else also lives and learns. At least you admit that you fucked up and can learn from it instead of hiding from it.

    If your best friend made the same mistake as a TEENAGER, would you rag on him in the same way? Probably not. Have some self compassion

  2. What if the reason why he's struggling is because she's not available for sex? Gatekeeping someone's libido is kinda fucked up if you're not giving them an alternative. I think this guy felt bad for the woman he loves and agreed to her terms without thinking about his own needs, and it ended up badly because having a healthy sex drive requires some form of release.

  3. Yeah. Really fucked up. I guess he’s being doing it for all these years (silently), but now I’ve gone too far for him to ignore.. it’s upsetting

  4. No, I'll try to explain the difference. If someone says “you can't do that” then it's control. But if they say “if you do that I would leave/break up” then it's a boundary.

    He is drawing a line around him and that line is if she does drugs, then they break up. She can still do whatever she wants to do but if it happens to be drugs, then he won't stay together. She still has full control of the situation and her body/life/etc.

  5. Your coworker isn't respecting your boundaries now. She won't respect your boundaries later. She sounds pretty toxic TBH. There are a type of people who voted not getting what they want as a challenge and then once she has you, will drop you like a rock. Making you feel when more vulnerable and confused than before.

    Also, I'm picking up some grooming vibes from this coworker. Grooming behavior isn't just between older people and younger people. It's a power dynamic and if this girl really cared about you she'd respect the boundaries you established at the beginning.

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  7. Don't equate a cancelation of an event as a cancelation of you. If she cancels, ask her if she would like to reschedule or try something else.

  8. He doesn’t love you, he loves the idea of a perky 21 year old who worships his older man wisdom when high. You are young and can recover from your blind trust in him.

  9. First off, that really sucks that she cheated on you. Altered state or not she showed who she really is. I must say that you are good human to go into the relationship fully trusting her despite being cheated on previously by other women. It would be easy for you to be angry and bitter and untrusting in relationships but you chose to trust her, which is a good thing. Unfortunately, she treated you like crap and cheated.

    Some questions for you, OP:

    What do you think that gross feeling is? Do you feel that you can fully trust her again?

    Also, there seems to be a pattern in your relationships. Have there been any red flags that your gf or exes have displayed that you may have missed or possibly ignored?

  10. I don't want to rekindle the relationship, my psychologist adviced aswell to put in my final words in a letter so I can finally find closure. I don't care what she does with it aslong as I can tell her a true heartfelt message and be a kind person like I am.

  11. Tell him you don’t to go out for walks with him anymore because you don’t feel safe.

    Most men take pride in being able to protect the ones they love, hopefully he’ll take your concerns seriously or let you walk arm in arm

  12. Pull-out isn't a method of birth control.

    At end of the day, he doesn't want another kid. He might warm up to it, he might not.

  13. There has to be something in your relationship history that causes her reaction. She been with you 5 years and breaks up over an hour of unaccounted time? Seems suspicious.

  14. 1- stop having sex with him. Even if the women he's cheating on you with weren't prostitutes you don't want any part if what they might be sharing with him.

    2- gather any and all evidence if cheating both past and present. Make sure its saved in several places and can be accessed easily by only you.

    3- go to a lawyer and file for divorce based on the evidence you have of him using prostitutes.

    4- go on-line your best life with your child knowing that even when it's difficult it won't be as difficult as being with an unsupportive spouse who cheats on you.

  15. You're in a childhood relationship. You need to break things off and move on to the next tier of relationships, this guy obviously hasn't reached that point yet

    But that doesn't mean you don't have stuff to learn from this relationship. Not just about your wants and needs, but also about your own behaviour. 3 hours might feel like a long time but it's certainly not long enough to get upset about, if you know he's occupied doing something else. Maybe working on your own independence is a good thing to focus on before your next relationship

  16. Narcissists are very charming and that's how they get away with what they do. Thankfully dreams aren't real and they're just our brain expelling things we don't need. So eventually you'll get this out of your system and you won't think about him all the time. But that obviously won't happen if you keep accepting his message requests. Put a nude stop to this so you can move on and find peace.

  17. A successful marriage relies on good communication. A big part of that is listening to what your partner is saying and respecting their emotions. Your fiance isn't doing either right now. Beyond that, you two need to get on the same page about what marriage means, NOW, before the deposits are paid and the invitations sent.

    Invest in some premarital counseling. If that's not possible for some reason, there are a number of books you two can work through together. But tackle this now, before wedding planning becomes a runaway train.

  18. I was an addict for a bit over a decade and I for clean 3 years ago. It feels so great to me, but also weirdly still new. Like I’m far enough to have solid advice for someone struggling, but new enough that some people still aren’t about me yet lol I haven’t found much jm addicted to afrer. But I got pregnant in sober year 1. So I’ve been busy asf with my toddler Lolol thank you. I’m glad you said that stuff so I can better understand, i appreciate it!

  19. I totally get that. We’ve been friends for 8 years and we also weren’t in a position where we could settle down away from each other even if we wanted to. I appreciate the insight

  20. So are we gonna skip past the compulsive lying and him admitting that he intentionally did this while you were high?

  21. Tw: suicidal talk

    actually went through a phase like this for a while. It took me a really long time to truly understand how my previous trauma caused me to try and be with people who really didn’t want to be serious. I was serious with a guy before, and when he felt me slipping away, he assaulted me in many ways and made me suicidal. I had PTSD for years, and during that time I constantly went for guys who “didn’t want a relationship” and was bamboozled and hurt when what they originally said would happen actually happened.

    I would let myself get emotionally attached, and be devastated when it ended. What I didn’t realize until recently, six years later, that I went for these guys BECAUSE I subconsciously knew I would never have to reject them. It was a safe way to have companionship without consequences of ending them that were out of my control. I could always control how I reacted when I got rejected, but could never control the other persons actions if I rejected them.

    Maybe she should go to therapy! It’s helped me a lot

  22. No. Nope. Negative.

    You have a good thing going right now. You get to have sex with two sexy women.?

    You could either continue on this, super lucky path, the millions of men would give anything to experience, OR you could completely fuck it up because you seem to have a difficult time differentiating lust and love….

    What are you hoping to achieve here?

  23. That must be so terribly hurtful. It is so dumb that there is so much terrible things happening in the world and people rather take issue with a non-problem instead. I get why you are on the verge of exploding with frustration.

    Would it be possible for you to move back home with your daughter until your wife can find work in another community? Maybe the same thing could happen elsewhere too, but maybe the culture of the town you are in presently is particularly judgy/busybody?

    I don't know what I would do in your shoes, this situation sucks so much.

  24. I think you are confusing Alan and Mark, mark is the guy sleeping with Alan’s ex, and Alan doesn’t live with us 🙁

  25. When you said she was like this since your early days of dating, that she thrived off attention no matter where it came from, why did you decide to marry her? This breakup was 14 years in the making.

  26. One day you will look back on this situation and you won’t believe you had to ask Reddit for advice because the answer will be so glaringly obvious to you.

    This whole situation is an absolute train wreck and the healthiest thing you can do for yourself is to walk away. Or at the bare minimum tell him you aren’t interested in his suggested arrangement and let him figure out who he wants, but honestly if I were you I wouldn’t even want to be in the running for his attention because he clearly isn’t as into you as he should be!

    For the record I think non-monogamy is a very valid life choice for many people, so this isn’t a down with poly response, just a down with this man response! If you’re truly interested in non-monogamy in the future, maybe do some research while single before embarking on it. The way he’s suggesting it is not the way to do it!!

    So much yikes here. Very much hope you ditch his ass!

  27. I'm confused. I don't really understand what this has to do with my response specifically? My comment was criticizing the person above for making the blanket statement that everyone looks at other people, which just isn't true. I don't disagree that the overwhelming fear of your partner losing attraction to you is unhealthy. However I don't blame people who are scared of this because we live in an incredibly shallow world. It seems like every other day there is a post on this subreddit about a partner who is no longer attracted to their counterpart because they gained weight after pregnancy.

    Like I said though, my initial reply wasn't even responding to that part of the dude's comment.

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