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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. She did. She said the reason she was crying was because of the past assaults and he very well knew all about her prior abuse. I can’t believe that people are telling her that she needs this and that when clearly the issue is with the partner. When I was in this exact type of relationship I was stuck and I felt like there was no way our, and of course it was fine, and I must keep working on myself, me problem. It’s exhausting and OP if you feel manipulated in to having sex or taken advantage of (or manipulated in any other way) then think about an exit plan. I’m happy to chat about what mine was. But this is all sending big red flags given the additional info.

  2. I’m a 26yo male… I don’t date girls younger than 22-23. It’s naked to relate to anyone much younger than that, even though it’s not the biggest age gap.

    If I would have trouble relating to you, when I’m not THAT much older than you, what do you think someone six years older than me is looking for with you?

    A 30yo man has ZERO business going after a 19yo girl

  3. from what you wrote in the post and in the replies I started to feel really sorry for you, your boyfriend sounds like an asshole, he doesn't care about your answer and keeps pressing on you, it has no chance to end good. say NO one last time and if it doesn't get to his little brain this time, you have to start thinking about the meaning of this relationship. Don't fall for the “just once, it's every guy's fantasy” bullshit

  4. Her reaction though? OP’s sister isn’t the only one that’s crazy. OP is insane, too. Her husband leaves so, what, she’ll kill her kid, blow her brains out, and leave the other kid without a mom? Fucking hell, she needs to be involuntarily committed.

  5. I kind of understand why one wouldn‘t want to have sex with someone a friend slept with, but this has nothing to do with the women so your connection to ‚rape culture‘ is just fucking weird dude. What does this have to do with rape huh?

  6. Absolutely! OP why are you worried about throwing him under a bus when he threw you under a bus? He likely ruined your credit, your reputation and risked your getting that huge fine and potentially even be your going to jail over tax fraud.

    It's you or him and he made it that way. Make sure that you come out on top. Get a lawyer, contact the IRS after you've talked to the lawyer and do that as soon as you can. Delaying another day would be a huge problem. Believe me.

  7. You laid out an extremely reasonable boundary and he trampled it. I don't think there can be much trust rebuilding at this point.

  8. That’s why I hate the American term roommate – unlike this post I’m always trying to figure out if they mean a literal roommate or a flatmate/housemate

  9. Should he? Not really. You’re an adult. It would be a nice gesture for him to make, if he actually wanted to.

  10. He didn’t reply and showed me ig to make fun of her? He wasn’t taking her side that’s for aure

  11. Why would you want o continue be nice and a friend to her. She is obviously trying to snatch your BF. Be upfront and tell her off. Go with your BF to that bar and make it very clear that he doesn't hide anything to you and then both of you leave her there. She is making use of you. Dump her.


  12. Maybe they are dating. They are not blood related. They only know each other because their parents got married.

  13. Honey he is already violent.

    And usually those who abuse animals in a domestic setting don’t stop there.

    Can you look at your self in the mirror and truly say he won’t turn on you or your child?

  14. Boo hoo on you. Seems you are determined to not move forward. So be breakup now so she doesn't have to deal with your insecurities

  15. There isn’t a drop of daddy in my sons face. He looks just like his mom (or my fil really). That hurt my feelings for a little while. Until he got a little older and I realized how much of my personality he has.

  16. Tell her be honest never hide anything from your partner, and likely don’t continue anything with this girl that liked you

  17. I wasn’t offered to go. I didn’t make a deal about it or ask to go because I don’t want to interrupt his college spring break with his friend group. It’s all students that went and I didn’t know if it would be weird. The other girlfriends are part of the friend group already and go there. Yes communication is important but I want to pick my battles wisely. Maybe when we see each other again I’ll just bring up that I’d like to spend better quality time with him. I’m not trying to play any games but I don’t want to be so selfish. We are together and see a future but we are waiting for him to graduate cause the circumstances will be better and we will be closer geographically.

  18. It's naked to believe this caused you to lose contact with your 8 year old sister, your job, and to receive death threats. If this is the way things work in your world (doubtful) surely you would have made better choices.

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