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Vivien (but Vivi for friends), ❤️?, 18 y.o.


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On-line Live Sex Chat rooms Vivien (but Vivi for friends), ❤️?

Vivien (but Vivi for friends), ❤️? live! sex chat

Date: October 2, 2022

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  2. Sounds like she had no intention of paying you back. She will drag it out and I doubt you will ever get your money or if you do she will be a drama over it. Don't offer again.

  3. It's really hot to see the complete picture in one post. We don't argue too much at all. We've had one large fight and a couple of miscommunications over the last year.

  4. To add to SuperwomanUSA’s excellent advice, I would recommend getting a very close friend, or sibling or parent to be with you, since you said she’s known for getting physical. This slick bitch might try something like that and then claim you did something violent towards her and get one of those temp restraining orders on you. Crazy crap like that has been known to happen. Best to have witnesses there. If you can’t get get a witness, be prepared for anything, and get ready to have a video rolling if she starts getting physical, and be ready for police involvement. The better you plan for anything the safer you will be.

  5. In a healthy time, politics don’t matter in a relationship. However, now that politics and opinions have become identities, they matter.

  6. Lol I am not even going to give a response bruh this is so blatantly obvious but hey let’s see how long it will take you to notice

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