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  1. Publishing research without a professional background, will help me look good to professors and academic professionals.

    Only if you graduate from university, will you ever be any type if scientist

    This is true, but with a mentor, and someone to publish my publication(s) (someone from the EBRAINS research infrastructure), I can publish research.

    I know someone from r/remodeled brain who does so.

    It's a hell of a lot more difficult, but it's slightly pheasible.

  2. Even if you made a promise, you did so first under false assumptions and then while beeing emotionally manipulated. See canceling your payment as practicing settings healthy boundaries.

    You should also make sure she can't see your location. She is projecting all the time and the only person that has any reason to be scared is you.

    You should also document everything and keep a diary of all contact with her, no matter how trivial. She is behaving really strangely and you can't be sure it ends here.

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