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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. I spent my weekends doing housework. I did the laundry. I did the grocery shopping. She read books and watched Stargate. Over and over and over.

    No, I don't think honesty is condescending.

    I love my wife and we have 2 decades together. But there was a time where she very successfully used “im taking care of the kids” as an excuse to do literally nothing aside from the absolute bare minimum.

    And I don't see how the kids can go from being such an unbelievable handful to care for in one week, to being an absolute breeze for me literally the next week when our roles reversed.

    Marriage counseling and a large dose of literally living in eachothers shoes is how our marriage survived.

    And I still wish I coulda stayed the stay at home dad.

  2. I didnt check her location until I noticed she went on my phone and put my location to share indefinitely so I made her do the same because I felt like that was shady

  3. If you met IRL you would know if there was anything there or if it’s a dud with no spark and no connection. If you enjoy chatting I would just keep it light and not put expectations on it plus what you feel is always valid. There is no you SHOULD feel a certain way. ?

  4. What do you think of this? I'll start asking her what name she wants for baby and than ask her if the baby should have my last name or hers and than tell her I want her to have my last name. I think she would like something like that. I just have to keep the peace around that time because she's the type to drag a fight on for days

  5. Thanks… I doubt he would harass me but I guess you will never know, but those are all valid things you are reminding me, appreciate it

  6. so an argument has him running to look at (IF NOT FIND) others on dating sites, “just to look”.

    he didn't go any farther because NO ONE SWIPPED HIM????

    Would he have gone out if someone would have connected with him?

    Just the fact that he instantly went out and joined MORE THAN 1 dating site, over an argument is nasty.

    He WANTS to cheat, he's setting it up to cheat, he went out to find someone to cheat with OVER AN ARGUMENT.

    I don't trust it, no sir, not one bit.

  7. I learned a long time ago that how people make you feel is important. If you feel shitty after hanging out with these people, that's important. If your husband makes you feel shitty, but you can't put your finger on why, that's important.

    You don't need to prove that they are actually unkind. Your feelings are enough.

    Good friends and husbands make you feel great about yourself. They build you up – they don't enjoy tearing you down.

    Definitely ditch these people. If your husband makes you feel crap about yourself, ditch him too.

  8. There are many things that can be cause in the ED issues. Have him go to the doctor (VA or regular) and get tested. Then he can go from there to see what w the various treatments are.

    Also try to initiate from time to time.

  9. Back in the 90s, I got off of active duty and came back to my home town. I was 27 years old. When I looked around at the guys my age back here, I saw them still acting like they were High School…..

  10. But she brought her phone with her? Not so smart.

    I don't know what's going on here, but it would be stupid to purposely leave the watch and take the phone.

    If she is cheating, she's going to have to leave both at the office from now on.

  11. Your girlfriend has an issue with boundaries. She has a need to be liked, or at least she is non confrontational and doesn’t want to anger this guy.

    She isn’t still on Tinder now, right?

  12. I'd suspect…

    (a) that yes, this bad stuff is happening to you, and it's not fair

    (b) I know that moving here helped make this happen

    (c) I love and support you, and your feelings are important

    (d) I'll be active in pushing back against people who treat you like an offender, and I'll support however you want to confront these people to make this stop.

  13. Don't forget about what happens when parents get older. In some families, it's expected that their children have them move in. Or take over the family business, farm, etc.

  14. Don’t put this on her. The only red flag here is you. Don’t use your insecurity as an excuse to make her look like she’s the problem. You’re only doing it to make yourself feel better and it’s really pathetic.

  15. Is there any explanation to this? I understand he might be scared and nervous, but his behaviour makes me wonder whether he likes me enough for me to continue pursuing him.

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