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Date: September 23, 2022

6 thoughts on “VIOLETA

  1. Personally, I think you're making it harder on your gf. I don't know what kind of habits she has or what led to her gaining. But depression is a big trigger, and stress will keep you from losing.

    She knows she's gained weight. I assure you the mirror hasn't been lying to her. She's tried to go to the gym, but apparently, you can't go without commenting on her performance or watching? I know if someone is monitoring me, it makes me feel very judged and controlled. Even if it's not the case. I have trouble working out with other people around because it makes me feel more insecure.

    You say you've brought it up, but how often? How did you start the conversation? You've said you used the wrong words. So for her, it probably doesn't look like you're worried about her health, just her looks. Cue more depression. You brought it up often enough for her to lose her patience with it. And there's more stress. She's not going to be able to lose weight if you are always monitoring her and judging.

    The fact that she went to the gym with you multiple times means she wants to lose weight. But she doesn't want to go with you, because you're making her feel worse.

    You want to support her in weight loss, then I suggest you back off. Maybe take over cooking so the menu has more healthy choices, while respecting if she doesn't like the food, and working together to find something she does like. Sign her up for an all womens gym, and make no comment on whether or not she attends or how often.

    If you back away and stop adding stress and adding to her insecurities, maybe her depression would lessen, and she'll feel like she can actually succeed.

  2. I'll say this, if you're enduring this, you might as well break it off now because this isn't a short-term thing, it's a forever thing.

    And do you really want to spend the rest of your life 'enduring' anything?

  3. Idk why you gotta be such a bitch about saying what you needed to say, but thanks for your input ig ? I would've gotten your point without all the unnecessary attitude as if YOURE the one tied up with ts.

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