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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. You can't really do anything if your girlfriend isn't willing to do something too.

    If your girlfriend doesn't feel like her supposed disorder is an issue, and if those of her behaviours you struggle with don't feel problematic to her, then all you can do is either accept her the way she is and is telling you she wants to continue to be or stop being in a relationship with her.

    That's probably hard to accept, especially after four years together, but you can't make someone change if they don't want to.

  2. Chlamydia is one of those that is only spread through sexual contact. However Chlamydia can lay dormant for 20 years in your body. It is possible he or you have had it for years and never had symptoms until now.

  3. im still living at home! so apparently i guess that means i have to live under his dictatorship. if i had been on my own he wouldnt have an issue with it. But i literally do nothing but work and come home, on my off days im usually out of the house all day so we dont even talk much :/

  4. I think many (most?) people would be unwilling to be the subject of a Go Fund Me campaign. You're young but can you help him a bit from your own resources?

  5. No.

    You end the relationship.

    She’s not been communicating with you for what a month, and wants a week more ‘to figure things out’

    Tell her that while you care for her, how she is acting and behaving, especially with regards to communication is not healthy. So you are ending the relationship.

    If YOU really want a relationship with her, tell her that if she can get her shit together in a week, then you will still be here for her, and you both can see if reestablishing the relationship is he right thing.

  6. You are speaking alot if truth!! You know he would even fly to see me so we can meet each other ? but in fact his dad, family friends live near me So it would be convenient for him to just pop in have a quickie and leave ?

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