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  1. One of the classcis. ” my relationship sucks but I conveniently can't break up with that person”.

  2. You are in a tough spot.

    Either: They are a clique . They see you as an outsider and it seems like they won’t let you in.


    They and you don’t know how to make conversation. Ask them about themselves. People love to talk about themselves. Read current news or trendy stuff before going to the party so you have things to talk about.

    Practice your small talk , and pick a few topics you can talk about while at the party.

    Read up or watch some sports. Talk about World Cup .

    Then in conversation with people talk s out your GF , how you met, how she has been the best thing to happen to you.

    They know her so there’s your common interest.

    And besides, they are going to tell her how lovingly you speak of her, and you are going to get a lot of points.

  3. Okay – unpopular opinion. People make mistakes. A one-time drunk mistake she admitted to you, which to be honest a lot of people wouldn’t do. If this is the ONLY mistake, and you think you can move on, then go to counseling and work on it. It doesn’t sound like an intentional affair. People always jump to divorce, but people do make mistakes. My sister made a drunk mistake once and her husband forgave her. She NEVER did it again. She never even drank again. They are happily married with a kid on the way now. So OP, it’s up to you at the end of the day. Don’t feel judged if you stay, also don’t feel judged/pressure you have to leave.

  4. Let them work their marriage out without saying anything. Maybe she knew what she should not say in order to save the marriage and maybe she's honestly trying her best to work it out. Or,

    Tell him the rest of the things that happened and let him know that he's still being lied to.

    What would you do in this case?

    Probably #1, let it go, and never speak to them again.

    For #2, what would be the purpose? To alleviate your guilt for shagging his wife? To potentially end their marriage so you can have a chance with her? She cheated on her husband right after she got married, putting all the effort she should have focused on her marriage on you. This isn't the type of person I would see a future with.

  5. I get that as a result of this some people won’t be able to come, if they choose not to come to our wedding that is their choice. What frustrates me is that she is being rude about it all and not even having conversations with me like an adult. I am trying to include her as we are family but she doesn’t seem to want a bar of it. It’s at the point that she is damaging the relationship between her and i because I keep making efforts to build a friendship with her and she doesn’t want it.

  6. What a total scumbag move by the “friend”. Apologize profusely to your boyfriend and just own that you messed up.

  7. The person above is talking to you about abstract concepts like “politics” and “philosophy.”

    I just want to point out that in practicsl, real life terms, needing an abortion one day is something you might have to face.

    Facing it with an unsupportive bf who does not think you should have any right over it, calls you a murderer etc, would make a difficult situation 100x more difficult.

  8. He literally conned her into putting all of her money into a joint account, using the bait and switch of his having a higher income (supposedly, he could be faking that), and robbed her.

    He has planned this out, every bit of it. He's really far ahead of her, and she's going to need help to get out of this. She needs local resources and a shelter, but right now, I don't think she's in the head space to see how desperate her situation actually is.

    Honestly, and I'm not in favor of abortion, but if she doesn't end up having this pregnancy to term and gets away from this guy, that's the only way that I can see that her life isn't total hell for her.

    I wonder if she even has any family or friends at all. Poor girl.

  9. Except you did. YOU DID CHEAT. You don't think cheating occurs unless there's penetration? Bullshit. You got semi-naked with another man, and he fondled you. That's cheating. So if he clearly saw you cheat, this narrative of “I would never cheat on you” makes you look like the worst kind of liar, because you keep denying to his face what he has photographic evidence of. If someone is willing to gaslight him this hot when she has seen a picture of the action of her cheating, why would he even think about believing anything you say?

  10. Well, he isn't normal. I'm an introvert. I'd rather be on a computer game than having a frank discussion about my feelings. I've never ghosted someone. I've never blocked or ignored a text or a call from someone I know.

    If my annoying sister calls to tell me how I should live my life, I give her enough time to get it out, thank her for the call (I know, I shouldn't lie), and tell her I need to go (but not that it's for my sanity).

    I when I was having an argument with my wife over the phone from another state, I didn't go to bed before we had it straightened out.

    If your bf blocked you (100%, you can see the block), then that is an offer to end things. You counter block, let a loved one of his know that he blocked you, you blocked back and the two of you are done. Ask that person to let him know at an appropriate time. Then, look for a better bf. He sounds like he us in the bottom 1/3, so plenty of room for improvement.

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