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Date: September 23, 2022

6 thoughts on “VICTORIA

  1. His real problem is that he feels guilty for not spending more time with his Dad. You don't owe him any gratitude for seeing you during that time- he made that choice.

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  3. Let him be. Don't push it. Want a secret from men?. Let him be. He will eventually open up,don't push it. If he has been with you for 4 years there is a reason. He is obviously mad, if he is calling you by your name. Let him be. Treat him the same ,act as if nothing happened. Just tell him you love him. He will eventually open up completely.

  4. Being scared is no way to be in a relationship. Trust that initial instinct. I am glad you came here looking for advice.

  5. You should try to go to sleep at the same time as her. This way, both of you will be unaware of her farting.

    Life hacks?

  6. I suggest she's not ready for marriage.

    The reason is irrelevant.

    Take the hint (she's trying to let you down gently).

    Don't cry of beg (she won't pity you or respect you).

    Frankly you sound like you dont know her very well. Step back and give her room.

    Separate. Stop organizing her life and solving her problems. She needs to experience life without you to lean on. Respond to her texts or calls 24 hours later.

    If I'm wrong in my assessment, she should immediately do back flips to reassure you that she's committed.

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