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Date: September 26, 2022

14 thoughts on “Veronica-Garcia online sex cams for YOU!

  1. Why are you even angry at them? Shouldn’t you be more angry at your husband?

    Your husband told them he told you, why would they bring it up when it appears to them that your husband told you and you don’t want to talk about it?

  2. If my girlfriend asked me about whether or not we should stay together, then tossed and turned, then wouldn’t tell me what was wrong, then slept on the couch, I would be thrown off too. It’s possible you’re acting weird so he is acting weird so you’re both feeling weird.

    Sounds like time for a good talk. Do it when you have time, and preferably somewhere pleasant. Oh, and do something fun together too.

  3. Again, I don't see it as derogatory. If someone spoke about me like that I wouldn't care

    You can get a lot out of a relationship, a person, an experience, event, class etc

  4. We don't fetishise violence the way some other countries do. It's one reason why our crime rates are pretty low.

  5. Um, girly, your bf is fucked up, and this just sounds like some weird power play. He was just taking every chance he could get to talk down to you. Honestly, I'm leaning toward this being fake because your previous posts about him are so absolutely ridiculous, that they can't be real.

    If this is real, then you need to open your eyes and leave this man. He doesn't respect you, he talks down to you, he attempts to control you, he has very obvious anger issues and a lack of emotional maturity, and he emotionally manipulates you. You could easily find someone better by literally just going outside and picking the first dude you see, I bet.

    Leave this man, fr

  6. You don't even know him to have a crush, you are lusting after a complete stranger, you can't date him, you lack adult communication skills, basic confidence, and sound like a weirdo who lives in a fantasy world. What will speaking with him even accomplish? Nothing because, you will never have a relationship that isn't chose for you.

    I guess you could get your owners, I mean parents, to harrass his parents into forcing him to court you.

  7. Maybe you can back out this by telling your boyfriend you were just kidding. Few things are less attractive than insecurity and it truly doesn't sound like he's doing anything wrong. It's not even like he's taking the bait and offering comment. If this severe lack of self esteem continues to plague you maybe consider talking to a counselor to get it under control. Even the most patient person will eventually tire of constantly being accused of something he isn't doing. Good luck

  8. considering you've been with over 30 women you have no right to judge her on how raunchy or kinky or whatever she was in the past. The infidelity part however, is a different story. The fact that she didn't seem all that remorseful for participating in that should be a red flag.

  9. You're immature for exaggerating it into some big lie, when she just didn't want to waste money on something she didn't need. You're playing the victim. Sure, you can be disappointed, but you are overeacting. Did you even ask anyone else or did you just pout? Why not go alone?

  10. Also don’t you think most versions of peoples breakups are no contact immediately at first, few months minimum depending on length of relationship and then MAYBE friends after time has passed and both parties are healed? He’s asking to stay in touch and see eachother right away, in the near future. He also said, word by word “and I don’t want to fade out of contact.” Then comes over to my house to talk about all of this with me, and imitates cuddling, holding me, ect. Even the very first night this was sprung on me we had sex. I know I need to set stronger boundaries but it’s hot when it’s in the moment and he’s initiating these actions and I’m also not the one who ever wanted to break up. All of this along with his wishy washy ness and also telling me how heart broken lying awake at night thinking about things, giving himself stress ulcers and not eating, being the first person to open up my snap stories ect. He’s definitely shifting the responsibility to create healthy boundaries around his own decision to break up, and it’s hard, because all of this confusions me to no end. However, I’m going to do it after hearing a lot of the advise on here because I need to do what’s best for myself since letting him be in my life like this after he broke up with me is just causing me pain

  11. I’m not being chauvinistic, I’d say the same thing if the wife did this. It’s a stupid thing to do and yes you be an adult and 100% shut up and deal with it until you find something else, not act like a teenager in a comedy movie. You got bills to pay and can’t do it on one salary? Yeah, suck it up for a little while so you don’t lose your damn house. It’s called being a responsible adult. It doesn’t seem like he did it because he was being abused at work, he did it cuz he thought it would be fun and he’s an asshole. Normal well-adjusted adults don’t behave the way he did. And I don’t care to argue about it anymore, it’s too late and I’m going to bed. I was simply explaining why you were getting downvoted at the time. You won’t change my opinion, and I won’t change yours and that’s fine. I should probably stay off Reddit late at night. Goodnight to you.

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