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Date: September 26, 2022

9 thoughts on “Vanessavega live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. Wanting children is like, THE thing a couple has to agree on if the relationship is destined to work.

    It's ok to break it off and both of you find people that feel the same way. I love my ex girlfriend to death (and we are still great platonic friends now), but the moment I found out she didn't want kids and she found out I did, we ripped the band aid off right then. It was brutal at the time, but years later I'm married with a beautiful daughter and she's in a serious relationship with another “never offspring”, and we couldn't be happier for each other.

    But neither of you are going to be happy if you stick together. One of you is going to resent the other, and the one being resented is going to feel it and not like it.

  2. Wait, she ruined his relationship with his friend because his friend cheated on her? The mental gymnastics! Just say you’re insecure.

  3. No biphobic at all, just not interested is dating someone who’s exploring their sexuality and trying to figure things out. But in your mind, if you want to translate that into me being anti bisexual, then idk what to tell you

  4. I was pregnant at 18 (and looked 15) and the worst I ever got was a dirty look from an old lady at the mall. Either this is some exclusive Stepford community or he's reading too much into things.

  5. This man really said, well it’s not 0%… no it’s just a 80-90% chance she doesn’t. And she stuck to that 80-90%.

    And he is an utter jerk if he thinks making her cry about being consistent with said opinion on having children is okay. He’s the one that wanted her to changer her mind on her stance, but he’s the one who’s body would be doing f*ck-all to do it.

  6. So he’s taking advantage of you? I’ll never understand how people end up in this situation. Don’t let him treat you like shit

  7. I felt sad reading this, because I can only imagine how you feel right now. And then I saw you mention how your son tried to speak to him and your husband ignored him. That would be the final straw for me. That poor boy deserves love and attention from his dad.

    I don’t have any solid advice to give that would be better than what you have already received. But I would like to offer my heart to you and your son while you navigate through this tough time.

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