V A L E N T I N A live! webcams for YOU!


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Date: October 1, 2022

7 thoughts on “V A L E N T I N A live! webcams for YOU!

  1. So, I don't get the husband on this. A friend, out of nowhere, asked if you wanted to have sex. You kindly said.. “Haha.. say the what fuck now?” and socially exited stage right. Your friends, I'm going to assume swingers, made a softball try to see if you were into it. You said no. Hooray wife! …not.. Boo wife! How dare you not have oracle powers to foresee popcorn and cats lead to non-monogamist sex in a shower when you had to pee! I mean.. CLEARLY you should have seen that coming. (Pun intended.) /s. I dunno.. I think you responded just fine OP. Maybe your husband has some insecurities he's dealing with in the “You're 40 now, old man” mentality?

  2. besides the 3 times a week ignoring

    Please stop. You're trying to justify your actions and relationship. 3 days a week is a part time job. Relationships are full time. If you want to stay and deal with this constantly happening………go right on ahead.

    I am trying to provide you insight that you are not seeing. You are babying him. You want to be there for him, care for him, fix him. He doesn't give a fuck, even if he apologizes after. There is sympathy for mental health, and there's being neglected due to guilt and false promises. The sympathy train left a while ago.

    The decision of how happy you want your life to be is all on you. I gave you my advice (break up and grow to be a greater person).

  3. sorry, that’s just tradition and that’s how it works.

    Ah I see, so her parents are paying for the wedding, right? Cause that’s tradition. And she’s going to be traditionally subservient and take care of the home, right?

    Or let me guess, she wants to pick and choose the traditions that benefit her?

    This is a red flag my man. If you want an engagement gift, she should be willing to spend what she’s asking you to spend on a gift for you.

  4. bro you’re the red flag, you wanted to wait so YOU could potentially fuck someone else, as you said in another comment. just because you got cold feet and didn’t go through with it doesn’t make her a red flag

  5. Cheers to the ladies that do! I couldn’t. I would want to talk to the wife to make sure he wasn’t lying, and then when we talk I know we’re gonna be friends, and I can’t sleep with my friends’ husbands ?

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