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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. Assigning intent to someone's actions is one of my biggest pet peeves. You don't know him, you don't know the situation any more than what OP has shared. You don't know why he picked the timing he did, you don't know if it was on purpose. What if I said the only reason you made this comment was because you want her to leave him so she'll be another single mother. That's unfair to you. I don't know why you made the comment. Sure theoretically it seems possible and it's a bit of coincidence, but even in interpersonal relationships assigning intent is a surefire gaslighting tactic.

  2. It's a pretty normal thing to do, lots of people do it. How else do you make sure that it's not going to burn while you cook it?

  3. Hmm I'm trying to understand how dating an unavailable coworker is good for you. Especially with how it's effecting you with the idealizing and such. Did she elaborate?

  4. She wants a break, she wants to know how you're doing,she wants this, she wants that…. she doesn't want the 1st time meet ……

    Do you see a pattern here? What she wants is NOT your problem anymore. You're going to be doing a job. If she's uncomfortable she is free to be elsewhere.

    Get up off the floor and stop allowing her to walk over you. She probably wants to break it to you that she found someone else while out looking for herself or some dumb shit. If she does have someone already he was in the picture before you broke up.

  5. Sounds like you’re not upset about the vape, you’re upset about the lack of accountability and gaslighting to make you feel crazy, which is reasonable. Do you need to break up bc of this? Idk, but communication is key in making it work

  6. I mean, he put his foot in his mouth and he’s trying to backpedal. But I don’t think he’s lying. He might very well find it attractive on you because he’s overall attracted to the rest of you.

  7. There was a thread like this yesterday where culturally the dad struck his daughter and the daughters husband proceeded to break the fathers arm.

    I think your bf would have been within his rights to do something similar

    You need to tell your father off and put an end to this nonsense

  8. No, first big fight and he will absolutely use it against you and lash out. As unfortunate as it is, this is what people do. They will use it to hurt you in ways you never thought someone could. You see him through the lense of your current relationship, but as an adult you should know that it doesn't always work out and often times when someone gets hurt they act recklessly and lash out in the most worst way imaginable. This is something you bury away and forget about. I know I'll get a lot of disagreement and arguments about honesty but this is the reality of human nature. Please protect yourself and know that you are a good person and our past decisions don't need to define us. Please don't feel guilty or anything less then who you are today and only today.

  9. Congratulations for your graduation.

    Don't worry. Just go get your degree.

    It's your Hot work. So don't think unwanted. Just planned to celebrate your graduation.

    Currently your brother also planning his marriage celebration. So why you confused.

    All the best for your future.

  10. You get to curate your own socials

    She also gets to choose whether or not to stay with a partner who publicly displays photos of him intimate with another woman. If I had to tell a partner to remove those photos from public display, I wouldn't even be with that person.

  11. If this is real (which I highly doubt), la-di-freaking-dah.

    At least your son was honest with you that if Max ditches you (which you can bet on that 100%), you'll be alone with your daughter. You can cry all you want.

    I really hope this is fake written by someone who had a lot of free time.

  12. Stalking your instagram? Do you mean she looks at it? Isn’t that the point of having it , so people look at it? Block her is you are bothered by her looking at it

  13. The problem is, after an abusive episode, abusers very often DO appear to do a 180. Suddenly, everything goes back to “normal”, and they act just like the wonderful person they appeared to be at the beginning. They're extra kind and thoughtful (lovebombing) and the cycle of abuse starts again.

    This is how abusers reel their victims back in. This is why it's so hot for victims to realize they're in an abusive relationship, and why it's so hard to escape.

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