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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. Unfortunately my mother can't help with funding because she's sick and she has my young brother who's still in school. That's what I wanted to go, flee the country but it's not an option right now. I would feel safer if I was out of here.

  2. Depending on the situation he might not be able to remove her until an open season because separation isn’t a life changing event or if he is in the military it just isn’t an option until they are fully divorced. Probably wants to be extra extra sure he isn’t the dad?

  3. It's possible he wasn't really bisexual and found that once he fell in love with you, he didn't feel the same bisexual feelings he had before.

  4. He has said that he wants it still but wants to make sure he's ready to commit and then he's also said that he doesn't want it to affect our friendship if it doesn't work out. I get this feeling that he's still hiding something but I'm not sure

  5. Thank you for the explanation. That explains things more. It sounds possible to me that if your job were less demanding, you might have more bandwidth to do what’s needed at home. I know it’s not easy to cut back hours at your job, so usually this would mean looking for a new one. But a new job might mean 20 more hours per week for you to recharge. It still doesn’t solve all your problems, but it might be something you could do that you haven’t fully considered yet. Government jobs often have much more reasonable hours than private.

    The issue of the emotional load is a hot one to address because of how fragile she is. For that, I would suggest looking for your own therapist first. They can help you see whether you’re dealing with issues that can be solved or whether they’re beyond your control. But from where you are now, it understandable that you might not be able to tell the difference yet.

    Try to remember that this is all still new. Huge shifts like this can get us thinking “holy shit, I have a new life and it’s awful!” But sometimes it’s not your new life— it’s a situation that will change and develop with time.

  6. No request for advice in there in the slightest..guess who is going to be paying her rent now? here is a hint it probably wont be the ex.

  7. Agreed! Also: a picture perfect family doesn't necessarily require physical birth by his wife. She may be more open to the idea of fostering or adopting kids, if she says she has a 10-20% chance of wanting kids but acts like she isn't ready yet. Some of the happiest families I've met aren't related by blood. Hopefully OP and his wife can have a proper conversation though, sounds like they really kicked the can down the road here.

  8. You are lying to yourself. If you're just looking to “catch up”, why would it matter if the ex is talking to someone? You're keeping BF on the bench in case you can't rekindle things with your ex.

    Let him go so he can be with someone who isn't hung up on an ex.

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