SQUIRT CUM explode on my body [524 tokens remaining]

Date: September 22, 2022
Actors: Saphiyraamore

7 thoughts on “Tikhomirov

  1. She cheated on you several times, lied to you and apparently has no more respect for you as you can read in your post. Think about yourself and your future, if removing people on Instagram is such a problem, is it really the woman you want to grow old with? Remember, despite children and marriage, she has had a lengthy affair.

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  3. She cheated on you and lied about it for years so you couldn’t even make an informed decision at the time whether to continue the relationship. She then concocted a story where she was the victim. That’s psychopathic behavior man.

    I would be livid. I would divorce her and put her out on the streets. Whatever you think you know about her, you really dont. You’ve concocted an image of her in your mind and she’s not that person.

    She belongs to the streets.

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