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  1. You can‘t expect people to share things they don‘t want to.

    You could have phrased it differently like:

    If you don‘t mind sharing.. or If you feel comfortable sharing..

    She literally didn‘t want to mention it in the post otherwise she would have said something.

  2. Let’s remember how young she is as well. At 24 her brain hasn’t fully developed and many decisions are still based on immaturity.

  3. Stop professing your innocence and look at this from his perspective. He's working out of town for 3 months and it looks like his GF hooked up on Valentines day with her male best friend.

    If it were me I would be done with you for good. No amount of protesting would change my mind about a hookup. So, any path forward starts there. Now we have to deal with rebuilding our relationship, trust etc. Then there are the social ramifications. If he takes you back he has to stand up and tell all his friends he's taking you back.

    Are you willing to never speak to this friend again? That would be condition one of trying to fix things.

  4. But he's still saying that she is his life partner,. He knew full well that her vision of a life partner involved a marriage. He wants to have his cake and eat it too

  5. Stop doing other things until he finally gets it. You shouldn't be cleaning the whole house. What does he do to share the burden? Please just let it get dirty until he gets it. And remind him all the time to do it. Leave notes all over. Send text messages. Leave cleaning products on his chair. All of that. Be petty. Because he is. If you break down and do the work he will never help you at all. And that's what he is hoping for.

  6. You are you. You are not just the product of your DNA. I’m adopted and there’s a constant chatter in my head about the dna heritage but that doesn’t define who I am.

    Your parents are your parents no matter what your DNA is.

    Your mother might have been assaulted and is in no hurry to tell anyone. You need to go carefully.

    See if you can dna test your siblings and parents.

    Do they know that you took the test?

  7. I m familiar with Anyonym 12 step programs and I find it too religious ( depending on the group really ) – is Smart a comparable technique? Can you elavorate, please?

  8. The only person I can think of would be her ex. She left him about 6 months ago but they haven’t been in contact at all. I don’t know how he’d know where I lived, what car I drove or when she was going away. Also, he never seemed too bitter about how things ended. Maybe?

  9. I assumed they were the F in the MFM, so they would be the only woman since they’re not into women. I could be wrong though.

  10. I actually have a friend who said he may have written the letter himself but I’m not sure about that.

  11. Losing yourself is going to be more devastating. If this was written by a good friend of yours, what would your honest response be? You need to be your own best friend and get yourself OUT.

  12. He's not over her, BREAK UP.

    I'll add, him calling you a c-t is all you need to feel secure to break up.

  13. This is very toxic behavior and you’d be better off without her. You’re too young to be so invested in someone who continues to show you she doesn’t care about you at all. She probably got so drunk to disassociate from you in that moment. Not sure what your living situation is but my guess is that she is using you because “you’d do anything for her” and you take care of her. She’s an asshole. You deserve better.

  14. Coming to your job like that and potentially putting your job at risk is a no no. He let his feelings get in the way of respect for you. Don't text his mom things either. She will probably just take his side again. He needs to apologize and it needs to not happen again.

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