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  1. Send him some of those tiktoks where women brag about the sugar baby lifestyle and “snagging a high value man”. Inform him that the lifestyle he wants would require him to financially provide and spoil you at the luxury level for it to be worth your time. Then divorce him, because he's looking for a blow up sex doll, not a wife.

  2. (Mr. Caruthers stumbles in through the doorway, haphazardly)

    (raucous hooting and hollering from the audience)

  3. Look up what being a “little” is. She may be trying to coax you into it slowly without coming out and saying it.

    It's a link where one is acts child(sub) like and the other is the dom. Can flip roles too.

  4. Yeah, lots of odd details and unrealistic, hyperbolic claims. Including someone breaking up out of the blue over essentially nothing (though OP being unhappy could be the last example in a long line of instances of getting mad for no reason, so maybe not actually breaking up over nothing). And no actual advice request or advice to give, because the situation is resolved and the relationship is over.

    The guy does sound awful, but OP is not a reliable narrator, and this post reads like an embellished/fabricated borderline or histrionic cry for attention and validation. Hence my suggestion of mental health counseling for OP and ex-BF.

  5. You are not married to this woman. She should give the children her last name. That way, when she has more babies with other men, at least the last names will all be the same.

  6. I think too much has happened for us to ever date again but I wouldn’t mind being friends

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