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Date: September 19, 2022

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  1. And also the attachment style you’re completely right, I’ve been trying to work on it w/ my therapist but I just haven’t been making much progress

  2. There is no scenario in which this ends well for you at all. I'm glad you came here to ask before trying this with your wife, hopefully you'll come to your senses and let it go. If you want to be open to other people clearly your wife is not a compatible partner for that lifestyle so you need to gauge how important this is for you. But do not try to get an insecure woman watch you fuck another woman, I can't even begin to understand how you think this is going to go…

  3. It all depends on what you want from this, and how much shit you're willing to injest to get it.

    Do you still want to be with her?

    Do you believe you can trust her again?

    She cheated on you with a married man… That by itself is enough of a non starter for me, but she also demeaned you to her friends… Who then smile and laugh through closed teeth thinking about it when you saw them.

    Sure, people change.. but not by themselves, not without a catalyst.. and she's still hiding this from you, you weren't told and your agency was taken away for about 3 years…

    …that's a heaping pile of shit she needs to ascend to get the the summit of Mt. Trust, and you will have to Sherpa this woman… Who did this to you, whilst slogging through it again.. this happened a while ago but it's fresh for you.

    Discussion time with her… She will defend herself and flip the script with the invasion of privacy, but that's not privacy, that's secrecy… She kept things from you that would of 100% changed the course of all of this… And you both know that now. Privacy vs secrecy is a hot topic here… And i agree that you should have privacy, but no secrets between romantic partners.. especially ones that would direct effect the other partner. There is no Love without trust.. and she's a liar of 3.5 years… So do with that what you will.

    Good luck, you have a shitty partner, but it's up to you to decide how much more shit you're willing to eat for her.

  4. Sorry, maybe I misled you – but she never said she will be with him in a relationship. She just says if he asked her to meet, she is not ready to do that.

    Ultimately, she just has issues with being controlled or told that she can or cannot do something, and it applies across all faucets of her life, not just relationships. She has said she does not want to be in that relationship anymore.

  5. You do not trust him, he gaslights you. Dump him. He is not worth your time and his controlling tendencies will only get worse.

  6. Geez she's 30 years old and out drinking like that?

    I'm almost 40 and have been sober for 8 years.

    I'm so glad I am and I regret so much of what I did when I was drinking.

    You said you hadn't seen her like that before but how often does she go out without you?

    There's a point when you have to figure out some accountability and stop.

  7. Well definitely your goals are different right now. There are 22 year olds that want to get married and have babies. But you’re more education bound which is great. It’s just different. Also, don’t let your parents pick your mate. They won’t pick some of you’re gonna love they’re gonna pick somebody they will love. And frankly six years isn’t that big of a deal. I think the life stage is more of the issue. You’ll figure it out though.

  8. How do you tell her? Well you sit her down in a private place and use your words. The sad fact is that you’re no longer compatible, by no fault of either of you. It’s not your fault for being gay, it’s not her fault for being a woman, these are your identities and not by choice. There’s not really much you two can do about it, so it’s time to end things.

  9. Thank you!!! I’m going to download that app and record it myself. Strangely it’s not every night according to him but I’m tired of this argument which in turn just makes my day sad and gloomy

  10. Maybe that's why he made contact first. Not because he thought it was friends, but because he was testing the waters.

    This forum is full of people getting caught cheating on snap chat, IG and other devices too.

  11. Aren't you a little old to be falling for this kind of behaviour?

    You're being used by a guy 10 years younger than you. Please wake up.

  12. Please talk to an attorney, especially since the mother has always known, there are some alienation of affection laws, and in no way should she twist this and blame it on your husband. How truly sad.

  13. I eventually got the ick, too. That's what led to his new girlfriend and how I eventually got free. I stopped making the best out of crumbs.

  14. I always say. “it's actually next weekend. And you haven't even bothered to send back your rsvp”

    Watch them panic. Then just laugh.

  15. He was probably tired of being second or third in your life. Now he's free to put himself first and date others.

  16. Asking him to dump his friend or even back away wasn't OK and is a complete disrespect of his friensdships. I can understand your feelings you're also very young and he is too. It's too bad that he agreed knowing he wouldn't follow through he should have explained the kind of friendship they have and let you know he would continue to speak to her. From a female pov having a guy friend you can talk to is great, getting their opinions on things , mainly about relationships and I'm guessing they have some things in common. As long as that's all there ever was between them you should not be worried and what he could do is introduce you, you can see their interaction and that might help you understand

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