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Date: September 29, 2022

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  1. Nope he does not want anything serious. He is used to having the perks of a girlfriend and thinks he can get those from you without commiting to you, sorry.

  2. I’m sorry you went through that. I’m also sorry to tell you that rape comes in different forms, such as forced, drugged or abuse of authority. Regardless, they’re all forms of non consensual sex.

    You agreed to sex with a condom, despite your infertility. Tampering with the condom without your knowledge thus consent is at the time of happening a form of rape. I know you perhaps feel different because you love him but don’t ignore it for what it is, consent needs to be given beforehand.

    Again i’m really sorry this is all happening to you, it’s awful.

  3. “When a SO questions their partner about them being around the opposite sex and they give the “it’s no big deal” or “your overreacting “ or “there’s nothing happening between us” or shrugs their shoulders w no answer the majority of the time there’s something sexual going on. “

    So, if the gf genuinely does believe it's not a big deal, because it's not sexual, what is she supposed to say?

  4. Did he test the other child too?? If not please do, bless his heart I can't imagine, she a a vindictive b##ch, I'd take her to court, no only did she lie and deceive him to raise and pay for a child that wasn't his but now she throwing it in his face to justify her not dropping them, I think personally he should take himself to IC but also bring his son so he can to told in the right environment only because it sounds like she would do anything to hurt him including telling the child herself in a hurtful way. Bless his heart, just be there for him and comfort him, remind him he is a good man and father

  5. You are not her friend. No one owes you love time or attention because you like them. Women aren't machines you put kindness coins in and love or sex comes out a slot.

  6. First, once your love-interest friend-zones you, you have no claims to make on her romantic affections, and when she takes them elsewhere, you are not in injured party. If your rejected love makes that impossible to accept, moving on is your responsibility.

    Second, while some friendships allow for unsolicited advice and criticism, it's more common for a distressed friend to want sympathy, support, reassurance, and hugs. If your hurt feelings make that impossible, moving on is your responsibility.

  7. I don’t think you do know. I didn’t want children until I was 35 and then I thought maybe I could have one. And then at 41 I had one. Nick changed my life for the better. I was never the same person. In a good way I was more mature and more loving and healed me in ways that I didn’t even know I was broken. It makes your face a lot of your fears, so can be difficult at times too

  8. Nope, he doesn't have a legal leg to stand on. Gifts are gifts not transactions. Get a restraining order.

  9. Leaving her is the best option for you. She does nit appreciate your efforts.

    If she tries to convince youbit was only alcohol speaking, tell her she was acting indifferent towards even when she was sober (Btw how does you usually act towards you).

    While I think staying with her would be a mistake, if she pleads you to stay you can consider it under certain circumstances. Those being her putting more effort in your relationship, making you feel fully appreciated, especially now, but she needs to keep it up later as well. She should treat as good as you treat her.

    Now she would need to overcompensate for her recent behaviour.

    Of course, simple break up is still better choice.

  10. There are four things that you gat never get back: Time wasted, opportunities missed, words once spoken, and trust. He has two out of four and shouldn't wait and make it three out of four.

  11. So, is he from Dubai?

    Woman, tell him what you feel – if he is a man of quality he feels the same and everything will be awesome from here on out.

  12. Why do you care if it financially crushes them?

    Care about your own damn problems before caring about someone else’s problem. You are about to be homeless. And I don’t know if you have kids, but if you do – you are about to make your kids homeless due to caring about two people who don’t seem to care about you.

    Like seriously think about your priorities

  13. It's definitely possible and I would pause on the advice telling you to immediately file for divorce.

    Your wife violated one of the most important aspects of marriage. You need to decide for yourself if you feel she is capable of rebuilding the marriage.

    You will both need joint and individual counseling. You owe it to your kids to at least try for them.

    Demand an STD test and get one yourself.

    I believe in redemption and the ability for people to change.

  14. We “officially” got engaged a week ago.

    We've only been together for 6 months.

    Since then, I realized that maybe this isn't a good idea

    I would be less worried about there being a spark and more worried that you think getting engaged at the 6 month mark to a 24 yr old that you barely know isn't the red flag you should be concerned about. Please do hold off on wedding planning.

    If there is no spark, why did you get engaged? If you are unsure how to have a healthy relationship, wouldn't it be prudent to work on recognizing healthy and unhealthy dynamics within a relationship vs. (apparently) believing that whatever relationship you are in is THE relationship? It is called dating for a reason. You date, you figure out what you're looking for in a partner, what is totally unacceptable, what your goals are, what your relationship goals are, etc.

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