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Date: October 3, 2022
Actors: thebaewatch

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  2. You can’t fix something when your partner thinks they did nothing wrong. I also do not think that they truly believe the bill they are trying to sell but his ego is so large he just doesn’t care about your feelings or respect you. I think you should divorce him be he sounds like a pig.

  3. I imagine its because a lot of the management/emotional load for life in a relationship and family is placed on the woman. If she gets sick, the guy suddenly has to actually participate in all the unseen labor his wife was handling.

  4. Every time I see stories about married people under 30, I always want to ask what the fuck they were thinking.

  5. My partner wants all the lights off unless we are using a room. I like the house lit up and window shades open.

    So I just…. Do my thing. ?‍♀️

  6. Yeah I'd leave him. Homophobia isn't an okay thing. Not understanding is one thing. Not supporting their potential marriage is a whole other thing. That's no longer live and let live!.

  7. He obviously has a hobby of checking out other girls and admiring them. This is serious. Leave him and tell him to enjoy looking at other girls and sending them to whomever he wants. He won't change and would just hide it better from the way you described him. Even watching porn is better than what this guys is doing. Thes are real girls that he is admiring.

  8. She has already fucked him.

    So tell her no.

    Tell her that she should not have needed to ask, as she should have known that as you were in a monogamous relationship form the beginning that it was going to stay that way.

    Tell her that you know she has already cheated on you, and that you will make sure everyone her knows that she is a cheater.

    Then tell everyone.

  9. They already are. Do you think they don’t know how miserable you both are? Is this really they type of relationship you want to model for them?

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