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  1. Lol you don’t love your husband. Man I hope he finds out so he can go find an actual women who has morals and knows what boundaries are and knows cheating is a CHOICE.

  2. I get it, she sounds annoying, and her diet is taking up a lot of her head space. It IS working for her though, so I don’t get why you’re being so judgmental about the diet choices she’s making. Sure, have a conversation about enjoying her company and wanting to reconnect with her without necessarily having to talk about her diet. But insulting the diet and your gf’s impressive commitment to it isn’t going to get you what you want, which is more non-diet-focused attention from your gf.

  3. I think it's impractical to expect sexual compatibility from the start. Almost no one is like that. But you can build up compatibility over time by understanding each other and your bodies.

    I'm sorry, but there are certain things that you can't work out. Some couples simply don't achieve a happy, satisfying sex life, despite hot work, dedication and love.

    What difference does it make if that happens before or after marriage?

    Breaking up is for most very different than getting a divorce….but yeah, people who already have a divorce under their belt are statistically more likely to get divorced again.

    My ex-husband and I didn't have sex until we got married, and we were extremely sexually compatible. You can say we got lucky, but we didn't just start out that way.

    And there are plenty of couples who learn that they aren't sexually compatible at all after marriage: they have different libidos, they have different kinks, they might have issues with their bodies…..

  4. Not all men have this problem, but it does seem to be a common trait. If your partner doesn't share the same standards of cleanliness and tidyness as you at the age of 31… he is never. going. to. change. Decide if you can even deal with that before working on compromises. The fact that your boyfriend wont find a full time job is another indicator of laziness.

    Skipping over all of the psychoanalyzing – have you tried leaving lists for him to get done? No – it absolutely should not be your responsibility to manage his time. However, written chores are harder to ignore and he cant back-talk you about nagging.

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