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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. I mean, as a “””woman””” I shower MAYBE 2x weekly? I don't stink (and if I do I will take an extra shower if I need). Idk if im depressed or if it's other mental issues but still. As long as everything is clean, aint crusty and ain't stinky then you're fine. I think she's asking too much. Does she shower every single day, wash her hair EVERY day? I know that this can lead to dryer hair etc, frequently showering really dries my skin out. Ultimately – do what works for you, do what makes you comfort (without stinking up the whole block lol)

  2. I think your GF is getting ready to or already has checked out on you. You gotta sit her down and ask her about all this and get to the truth. Just be ready because it'll likely be a conversation you won't like and it won't end well. Good luck.

  3. What's up with a bunch of faux stories.

    From crazy twisted submissive arranged marriage wife to nerdy husband not being wife's first choice to this.


  4. Imagine if you guys decided to have children. She would put those thoughts and opinions on your child. Can you accept that? If not, you made the right choice, 1000%

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