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Date: September 18, 2022

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  1. I dont often agree with these, but this is also overly infantilising OP.

    Sadly theyre not compatible, he's a toxic partner(tells her she cant cry) , and she needs therapy.

  2. Call his bluff. Tell him you are going to re-home the cats. When he talks about divorce tell him that he can get the ball rolling on that while you start advertising good home wanted for great cats. See how far he gets putting together a divorce. A man who can't clean a litter box can't get a divorce done.

  3. You can't force someone to open up if they don't want to. You've said your piece, you've apologized, and now it's out of your control.

  4. His behavior is not that of a well-adjusted or an accepting and loving person. His constant guilt tripping is going to wear you down. He is a bigot, and a manipulator. Do not stay with this person.

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