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Date: September 22, 2022

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  1. This could be a litany of things from psychological, to physical, and everything in between.

    Things to consider (not an exhaustive list):

    Asking about what turns him on (some people are auditory for example and talking to them makes a huge difference vs just moaning)

    Asking about how often and how vigorously he masturbates ( could be the sensation is too different and he needs to reset to vaginal sex)

    Asking about depression, sex drive, stress.

    Asking about just being exploratory during sex ie you deliberately don't have intercourse but do other things, touch feel oral etc. Take all the pressure off about having intercourse.

    He may need a doctor or he may just need you to play doctor communication is critical.

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  3. You're 19, probably not going to end your life with her, it's only a few months and she already strays, imagine what it will be as time passes because at 18 she's not lived enough. Tell her to enjoy herself and go and enjoy yourself.

  4. Exactly this. It's still emotional cheating and it's something that easily breaks the trust in the relationship. There is only one thing to do with exes (especially when in a relationship) and that is: have nothing to do with them. I would say that not even for the sake of being polite. Throw them out of your mind, ignore them, have nothing to do with them. I hope OP learns this lesson

  5. She is using you. I would tell her she needs a job and to fund her own bills / help with the household or find someone new to latch onto.

    She knows you are at the end of your rope, you are treating her like she is a fool and she definitely is no fool in this. She knows exactly what she is doing. I have met types like her time and time again.

  6. I don’t think dating men her age will bring her any more mature men, says me her age and knowing what’s out there.

  7. It’s his responsibility as the parent to not only teach his children not to abuse and neglect animals, but to intervene when they do.. and it was his responsibility to stop giving them pets…

  8. Most likely he will. Maybe he's holding out cuz he loves you and maybe figures you will do it change your mind and it'll be awesome. I don't fucking know. But I'm a firm believer of just talking stop making these things like shows or movies. Just tell/talk/ask

  9. I don't think you're the “side-chick”, she knows about you, and doesn't seem to be contesting that they are separated. But it is pretty clear that they are separated physically, but he is still very much emotionally there. I've heard a statistic that re-marriages after divorce are most likely to work when the person has been divorced for more than 5 years. That makes a lot of sense to me, because it gives you a chance to really come to terms with divorce, really get your life apart figured out, and really separate your emotions from your ex.

    They are only separated, but not divorced, so he must have been dating you fairly quickly after the separation. I feel like he hasn't really figured out how to be separated, let alone bring a new partner and baby into a co-parenting situation (harder than a divorce without kids, because you can't just make a clean break, you still have to frequently interact with your ex and co-parent with them).

    If you stay with him, you have to be prepared for the fact thaf his ex and kids will be in your life forever. Any trade offs now, but birthdays, weddings, grandkids. You will be dealing with his ex forever. It may get better is 5 years, or she may always resent you. You need to figure out if you are prepared for this for the rest of your life.

  10. Let’s summarize 1. Your boyfriend thinking about his ex’s preference while purchasing sex toys 2. He gets mad and gaslights you into thinking you’re wrong for getting upset 3. Actively refuses to apologize 4. Threatens to break up

    No hate but be sensible. That’s my advice

  11. Same apartment, i have with same and different (separate bedrooms).

    I’ve had friends that have shared, same gender. Like they fly the entire company to Cancun. It’s simply much cheaper to cut the rooms in half.

    It comes down to money. Simple. Always same gender though

  12. Yes you're being selfish. You can have a Bachelorette party if you wanted. This is the thing about husband was able to continue his normal behaviors, and there were a few things I couldn't do. Like drink and eat sushi. I didn't whine and pout when I'm husband had drinks.

  13. ‘Still acting like the little bitch I always was…’

    This man literally tortured you, and now he wants and expects forgiveness?? He hasn’t changed. He doesn’t get forgiveness. Do NOT doubt yourself.

    I would email him (and make sure his nosy wife was cc’ed to it) and list every single thing he had done to me. I would include pictures of my scars. I would let it ALL out, because I bet his wife doesn’t know the extent of it. After telling him I feel bad for his daughter because she has HIM as a father—a cruel bully—I would end it with, this little bitch wants nothing to do with you. Now, go bother someone else…

    I’m sorry. This has got to be draining on you.

  14. Just tell her again that you didn’t mean it sexually, and she is the one with the dirty mind. That ought to make her feel better.

  15. I had no goals at the time, hooked on benzos and the depression was affecting the relationship. We started to get into fights everytime that we would see each other.

  16. It actually looks like he's communicating fine.

    He's expressing distinct apathy towards specific plans, a distinct lack of desire to do any planning, and a willingness to agree with your plans.

    Seriously, sometimes “I don't care” is literal.

    Now, he's not saying if he doesn't care about only the plans, about this anniversary, anniversaries in general, or some mix of the above.

    So, take him at his word. Make plans, then tell him that's what you decided. If he then has a complaint, tell him where to file said complaint. I would suggest he file it where the fiber will do the most good, but that's me 🙂

    If you're being goal/plan oriented, and he's blase about it, that's okay.

    However, if there's an emotional component to the planning and the anniversary itself that isn't being met, you do need to make that clear as well. Not everyone cares about anniversaries the same. As an example, nobody in my family cares at all until at least ten years. Anything less than that is kinda silly to us. We're the opposite with birthdays, strangely.

    But the point is that you're here, expressing emotional discontent with a practical matter. It may be that the two of you simply don't place the same value on anniversaries, or this particular one.

    With your ages, that's a strong likelihood imo.

    So, if this is more about the value you place on the event than the actual plans, ya gotta make that crystal clear. Not just for this anniversary, but because any future ones are going to be a repeat of the same unless you do.

  17. He is not your forever person. That is OK. You will be able to find someone who shares many more of your values and together you can encourage each other.

    He has a porn addiction and is wanting you to see your friends less. It is already toxic. Please move on.

    When we try to talk people out of their ways they defend their point of view and it becomes more entrenched. He will have to have his own epiphany in his own time.

  18. Sounds like a working plan to me. Heck, part of the 'test' will be to see how readily she splinters off with you in the first place. Like if upon gathering she floats towards you that is a good sign, if she dodges you well you just let it be and go on with things.

  19. The gist I got is OP started having kids at 18, now has two at 24 y/o and married this kid when he was 20. Big yikes all around.

  20. I know it's shocking and inconceivable, but your partner has met and spoken to women before. It's even more shocking to learn he's not fucked all of them. I know it's going to come as a bigger surprise, but he can also remember them.

    I know these are DEVASTATING times for you. I hope you can recover.

  21. If you ghost him you will be left sitting and waiting for a text or call. I completely agree that being on edge all the time is bad for mental health. The other post gives you good advice. One last post and then block.

  22. Your girlfriend is a fucking idiot frankly. The cure for heart worm knocks years off your dogs life. I’d break up over something like this, what she going to do next? Hypothetically, would she hide your kid’s epilepsy meds because “she doesn’t believe in it?”.

  23. I replied to the wrong person. But seriously why are you encouraging this stalker behavior. There are many reasons for this woman to block both OP and her husband. Neighborhood drama is the worst.

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