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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. If the girlfriend has nothing to hide she has nothing to lose in this situation

    Except her privacy.

    If he doesn't trust what she says, why is he in a relationship with her?

  2. You have slept with her mother, technically her stepfather. You need to stop this feeling of yours, do anything before things get out of hands.

  3. i can not imagine him telling anyone because he would know it would get back to lucy. and why would he tell anyone that he cheated

  4. Both were low scores coming from a boyfriend. Can he be more rude? I think you should distance yourself and reavulate your relationship.

  5. You are abused. Leave her and seek help, either your friends or therapy.

    Alse, the way you delay with your ex 2 years age it is one of the best and mature ways to deal with those situations. She is totally crazy to demand from you that you will cut any ties with anyone, only because she is insecure or jealous.

    I'm so sorry it is happening to you. I wish you all the strength to leave this ABUSER.

  6. Why did you get back together with someone that did something that repulse you to think of? It cant repulse you that much if you're willing to ditch your whole friend group for him, and potentially put other women in a new one in danger, since you wont tell them about it.

  7. What do you think you could do by gaining access to their reddit account?

    I get something serious is going on but that doesn't mean you can invade their privacy. If they've anonymous on here it's because they want to be.

    If there was an easy way to find out who people are, reddit would be a very different place.

    I hope you manage to help your friend/relative but I'm not sure it'll be through here.

  8. she giving you a little hope so you don’t move on. she’s doesn’t want you but the thought of you moving on will be killing her. she probably want to do that before you. if she finds someone before you she will delete and block you in the blink of an eye. you don’t need her stalking your every move just block her on everything. if she or anyone asks tell them you feel like she’s watching every move you make and it creeps you out!

  9. These guys from your hometown who are with the hometown girls probably stayed there their whole lives and will continue to do so. If they're happy, that's great.

    You've been out and explored, got some experiences they'll never know – not that you should even be comparing yourself to anyone else. Who the fuck is a pro athlete and/or rich? What 1% of the world (don't quote me but it's a tiny percentage).

    It's cliche but life isn't a race or a competition. As soon as you realise you're own your own path the happier you'll be.

    For now, you're 26 and single. In shape, good job etc etc. Have bloody fun with it!

    Experience life, get a few things under your belt, learn and grow as a human. By the time you meet the right woman you will know who you are and be ready to share life with her.

    Just for anyone who doesn't get it 26 is YOUNG.

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  12. she is not your girlfriend, or should not be anyway. Move on and find someone that wants to give you the love and respect you deserve

  13. Marriage or end and he didn't propose? If you want him to take anything you say seriously now is the time to move on. Start packing (your house pack his shit, his house pack your stuff) and tell him the relationship is over by his lack of action.

    If by the time you finish the packing he hasn't proposed:

    If you packed his shit simply start putting it out the door and have a locksmith come change the lock. If you packed your stuff, locate a new residence and go there as soon as you can.

    He doesn't have enough interest in you to follow through on your ultimatum and he truly doesn't respect you. If he did want to be with you he would have done more than a few “What ring do you want?” and “When do you want to get married?” questions and instead would have sat down to talk with you about it while proceeding to act. You are just a convenient thing until you ask for respect and he is trying to break your will by not following through.

  14. He knows you don't want photos like that taken of you He tried to slide in a photo when you were falling asleep (ie, not entirely aware) and actually slid up your shorts to do so He says he “doesn't know why he thinks it would be OK,” after you had made yourself clear. If he really wanted a consensual photo, he could have asked. The fact that he didn't, and did so when you were half-asleep, means he actually did know you wouldn't be OK with it. He's crying because he knows he fcked up and hopes that your guilt will give him a pass Don't fall for the sunk cost fallacy Resist inappropriate guilt over his reaction, when he is the one who tried to sneak something he does know you wouldn't be OK with

  15. See if they exchanged phone numbers, that would give me my answer, and if they did I would block her and delete her number from his phone and block her on ALL of his social media. Sounds like they are crushing on each other and I wouldn't trust either one of them, but that's the way I am.

  16. You realize those being written, doesn’t mean It’s all he has right? She also mentioned he works out, has the confidence to approach her, has friends and thought his hinge profile was attractive. No one said those were her only requirements, you’re literally just looking sour something to bitch about

  17. So he basically had unprotected sex with a stranger, didn't tell you and didn't check if he got an STD, then had unprotected sex with you (with still 0 warnings)

    This guy deserve to be alone forever, period. He put your life in danger here : He could have got any deadly disease that exist out there and transfer it to you by acting the way he did. You are very lucky he got something that could be cured

    That's just my opinion but i would never trust again someone who did this to me, even less date them.

  18. I agree. As a bride I get it! I want everyone to come to my wedding! But I’ve also been really understanding about travel (85% of our guest list is abroad and I know most can’t/won’t want to come).

    I hate disappointing people. I need to get over myself I guess?

  19. He asked you if you wanted him to come. You said no. Then you picked a fight with him and dumped him yet he stayed on the phone with you even though you had hurt him by this point. Then knowing he had to work in the morning you ask him at 11:30 at night to come. By the time he would have gotten there he would only have a few hours at best before he had to turn around and go back for work. He would have been up all night long. You made it impossible for him to be there. I get that what you're going through is horrible, but you can't take it out on your boyfriend and then expect him to come running. I wouldn't have come either. This one is on you.

  20. Thank you for that – I have thought about couples therapy for us for a long time, honestly.. We both have issues personally that (he works through on his own very well, but) are things that needed attention and work separate from us through therapy for me especially. I just wonder if we/he will have the time? When we already struggle having so little, the dejection of having another thing undone when asked for would be really naked.. I get what you are saying though. He would put the work in – and if he didn’t then that is telling me something.. Woof. Super scary.

  21. But you don't know how many of those marriages are happy or compatible. A LOT of people wait until marriage to cohabitate and won't divorce due to religious beliefs. So they ate stuck in an unhappy marriage. So you can't go by those statistics.

  22. Honestly that is fucking weird. I assume maybe hes being truthful but thats not the whole truth. I think a part of it is probably that he doesnt really want you in that friend circle. Maybe he wants to keep the relationship seperate from his motorcycle friends and whatever. Have you told him how this makes you feel?

  23. “our relationship might have an expiration date”

    Turns out it did bud. I don’t blame her for wanting to do best for her child and keep them as far away from your parents cult as possible.

  24. So was the message sent from Tom to you? Or from a group chat with Tom AND HIS WIFE to you?

    Very different things.

    Also – why is hubby going through your phone and searching chats back 6 months?

    Feel like there’s more to this story.

  25. Lmao you immediately felt shame and they’re still mad?? You covered a young kids eyes during a sex scene, immediately felt shame and looked to them assuming they were going to go the homophobe route which they of course did.. they’re virtue signaling. You apologized, that’s your only course of action, it’s up to them to forgive or move on

  26. I mean “Alex Jones was right” is straight-up EVIL. It’s evil. He’s an evil and and anyone who follows him should be shunned.

    OP, I’m proud of you. Don’t give in.

  27. I have a friend who was texted to postpone the date three hours, then 15 minutes before he had to cancel. It was work related, something big and legal was exploding, and he was barely able to keep up with it all to message her, hence the late cancellation. She gave him another shot because he explained what happened. Their actual first date went ridiculously badly as well, because of his nervousness to meet her. He almost cancelled twice (but didn't), then arrived late cause he sat in his car for 15 minutes convincing himself to go in. Then he spilled a drink on her, and drove her home early.

    Long story short, they just got married three months ago, are about to buy a first house together, and are trying for a baby.

    Im not going to say whether you should or shouldn't give it another shot, just giving another perspective. She did own up to what she did, and explain why. And it's fine if you don't want to pursue anything with her because of this, and you certainly dont 'owe' it to her, but it's possible that she really means it when she says shes sorry and wants to try again. Totally up to you. If there's a good connection otherwise, I say go for it. But if you were hesitant on her at all prior to this, then probably not worth it.

  28. Honestly this guy doesn't trust you, and he told you that he never will trust you. I don't know if I would want to go forward with him after that. It sounds like he had a traumatic childhood and blames that on women in general, it's not your fault. Your gut reaction was probably the correct one; you were feeling close and trusting of him, but he wasn't feeling that close or trusting of you.

  29. Good for you! Your parents were and are selfish. You clearly own them nothing. Therapy will help you but I would forever leave them out of your life. Good luck to you!

  30. The issue here is you are falling into the trap of thinking that just because these things don’t bother you or don’t seem a big deal to you, she is automatically overreacting in your mind.

    I did this, through inexperience, immaturity, but mainly being a fucking idiot & seeing that this is your first relationship? I’d wager you are the same in the sense that it comes down to inexperience rather than a lack of love for her.

    You are devaluing her feelings, whether you intend to or not is irrelevant. That is what is happening.

    Take some time apart, however long you need, to improve yourself because the issues you are having are not beyond fixing, you just need to be more empathetic to the stuff that bothers her and realise that her feelings are just as important as yours.

    Then hopefully, when you come back, you’ll be more mature and capable of being what she wants you to be.

    Now is the most important part. Do you love her enough to take a step back and better yourself and learn from your mistakes for her? Or can you not?

  31. Usually when getting over a crush it helps to meet new people you might be interested in. Not sure how possible that is for you in high school.

  32. You can’t work this out. There are some things that are automatic relationship enders and this is one of them. No one is wrong in what they want but staying together means 1 of you is going to be very unhappy in the long run.

    Just move on, you’ll both find partners who are a better fit for each of you.

  33. as someone on the other side, i look at what you have with longing and envy.

    Ultimately people online freely until they find their person, because it helps them find their person. You are in your head and only looking at the positive days, the possible good times, those days will have lots of lonely negative days in between them.

  34. And I’m not gonna say that I only wanna hear what I want to hear but no sexist stuff please just because I’m a guy doesn’t mean it’s allllllllll my fault

  35. You got in to her dad's face because someone told you something that might not be true? Ever thought that that dude was messing with you or has a thing for your ex?

    Knowing balkans you are lucky you didn't get your ass kicked.

  36. In all seriousness you need to get a prenup to protect your inheritance. It may not feel nice but the reality is if you walk into the marriage with completely combined assets and it doesn't work out, he's going to walk out with half your money.

  37. Recently, my boyfriend told me that he danced on a girl over text.

    Deal breaker. Don't even need to read rest of post.

    Grinding on someone is a no go. And to admit it through a text message is just as much as an issue as the incident itself.

    Ca'mon now:

    A woman was dancing in front of him for a while and he was enticed but he tried not to make eye contact

    The point of a relationship is to have the will-power to combat something like this.

    This is a bare minimum interaction/temptation. You need to have a higher standard for yourself in a committed relationship.

    No amount of this:

    He then got very touchy and would hug me and rub my arm

    Is going to make up for it. Sorry I did that, let me rub you a little bit to make up for it. Pathetic.


    It's not like he felt anything for the woman at all but it was just something that happened in the moment when certain music was playing and when the type of music changes, so does the mood

    That is the argument he is making… You know how it is… I didn't feel anything for the girl, it was the music and lights. It was the moment. There was nothing I could do.

    Fuck off.

    This works for me:

    Later on I told him I didn't want him to do it again and he proceeded to ask for a break.

    If you're going to ask for a break because I want a basic respect for a relationship. Let's make it permanent.


    Basically I'm his first and he plans on marring me in the near future. He wants to have a bit of fun before then and he said after marriage he wouldn't get involved in those acts. He stated that he doesn't want to have sex with any other woman. He'd just be dancing up on women.

    You think you're entitled to fuck around like you're single because we're signing up for marriage? Should have got that out of your system when you're single. Don't put me through pain to satisfy your urges.

    Come correct or don't come at all.

    You're boyfriend is a dog…. do not let him make you his bitch.

  38. That's pretty easily verifiable though? Do you not know where his goddaughter lives? Have you met her?

    The dance being 3 hours from her is kind of weird. What was the dance for? School?

    More importantly, do you trust him? Do you think he would lie?

  39. She is 22 and doesn’t want a relationship just attention. Block her you have stated what you want and she doesn’t want that. Move on

  40. Our boundaries when it comes to cheating were always clear. My point is that she broke up with me and then I did what I did. I regret doing it but it's not cheating because we broke up. But she can't seem to grasp that idea

  41. So that is what you need to say “i'd like us to do some stuff and not only stay home and order in”. Focusing on valentine's may give high maintenance vibes.

    Also we are in 2023 you can Also arrangé for the dates you'd like (even if being proposés is Nice as well indeed).

  42. Personally I have a list of all the people I’ve ever kissed. I don’t write down people I’ve slept with because it’s such a small number I could never forget the individuals. I keep the list so that if I ever wonder or forget I can see. It’s nothing more than a record.

  43. My husband and I said to each other that we’re probably soulmates on our first date. I think it’s possible to feel that strong connection with someone from the beginning.

  44. True. That's why you have to protect your child from precarious situations and make sure they feel open to talk to you about anything that might happen.

    Predators are everywhere. From potential partners, to school teachers, to coaches, to neighbors, to relatives and to parents themselves.

    Unless you want to online in a bubble, you need to find ways of living with a relative amount of safety. An absolute level of safety is never possible if you are in a society.

  45. Most women share their sex lives with their friends. And, oftentimes they'll share that with their partner. For example, I'm not supposed to know how big my ex's friend's boyfriend's dick is. But, I do. So, my only reasonable inference is her friend knows how big mine is, too.

  46. honestly, just cut him loose.

    u dont want to be with someone like this nor is it worth the stress, resentment or even energy he comes with.

  47. I dated a guy with OCD. We had a couple conversations about what a (slightly above) reasonable level of clean looks like versus his expectations. I made sure the level of clean met the reasonable level and he did the deep cleaning.

    OP's gf doesn't sound like she cares to try to meet the low end of his standards, and that's a core values problem. They may be one of those couples who maintain their own homes instead of online together, which is perfectly fine.

  48. He thinks he has you locked in now because you’re engaged and pregnant, so he’s no longer keeping up his ruse of being a good and loving partner. In his mind, he couldn’t be his true self when you were only dating because it would be easy for you to leave. Now that he thinks it’ll be harder, he’s showing you who he really is, and who he really is is controlling and abusive. Get out now, and think long and naked about whether this is who you want to have children with.

  49. OP . . . Firstly, your ignorance from want to preserve your family the way it was prior to this info is heartbreaking. Understandable but heartbreaking. Second, you have no idea, none, as to whether this is “just in the past”. You have a right to process and work through this. You also have a right to leave someone who could betray and deceive you for years. YEARS. What else is she being untruthful or unfaithful about? Don't just forgive and let this go. Make her go to marriage counseling if you want to fix your marriage. If she refuses to go I think that tells you she hasn't actually changed, doesn't give af about what's important to you, and this is not a one time deal.

  50. Shower before getting intimate, if he’s willing to try again let him

    I’ll leave women the opportunity to resolve changes you can make for body odor, but it’s very natural dont be ashamed

  51. Yeah, I think you and dev-246 nailed it. She should have been over him to the point where she didn't need to say goodbye again. Everything should have been said by now. The fact that he was leaving town and they got together to “talk” for 5 hours is ridiculous. She obviously still has/had feelings for him.

    She kept pushing back the time you were going to meet, every time she chose him over you. If you hadn't shown up how much longer would they have been “talking” in the car? Now she wants to meet up, for what? There's nothing worth saying, just move on.

  52. I think both assumptions are very possible, it's just the gender of the mind that defines the likely hood which senecio is rendered.

    While all a generalization, It seems men naturally assume she cheated, and women seem to think it could be the other.

  53. Maybe he’s like second guessing cause he knows you’re still on the app. Maybe have a sit down convo about y’all both deleting it and then you wouldn’t have to worry.

  54. That is not normal behavior. It sounds like he might have issues managing his anger. Dont stay with a guy like that He may take it out on you someday.

  55. Honestly its probably best to just walk away I wouldnt even really consider it worth trying to confront him in the chances that he did drug you, imagine what he would do if you confronted him?

    Pills in a random baggie is really weird alone Having two instances where you fell asleep is also really weird Waking up after one of those to bleeding? It's possible he raped you

    It's SO early in the relationship, the SAFEST option is to literally just leave,

  56. If he's insensitive to you all the time then leave him instead of staying with an asshole who makes you cry

  57. If he's insensitive to you all the time then leave him instead of staying with an asshole who makes you cry

  58. Honestly it's more concerning to me she's the type of woman who gets blackout drunk than what she said.

    Don't get me wrong. That's a point of concern too. Alcohol only amplifies what's already there my dude. So on some level she believes what she said. Or has some sort of fear/insecurity as your future potential, for a mildly less hurtful take on it.

    THAT would not be insurmountable by itself. But that she would get that drunk AT ALL…under any circumstances…let alone on your effing anniversary?

    You can do better bro. You can find a woman who knows her limits(or even better, doesn't drink at all) and one who respects you.

  59. I don't know, Op.

    There were many times my husband was exhausted and I saw him and my thing was, Aww! You look exhausted! Have you eaten? Let me get you something to eat. Get in your grubbies, and relax.

    “Ugly” would never have crossed my mind.

  60. Um I'm a girl and I've never considered needing a gift for International women's day.

    You get presents for anniversaries, birthdays and main holidays. Of course, you buy random things throughout the year to give each other.

  61. Your dad needs to be quick about it. None of this empty threat things… then if your grandma cries naked enough, she might join him soon.

    Your mother who is married to a no-good douche should be happy that you've met someone who treats you right. I swear sometimes I think misery really does love company. She just wants you to find a well dressed AH like your father. When do you move out???

  62. It seems to me not so much immature but dark humor. But still…he’s a creep dating someone your age and probably is pretty immature.

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