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Date: September 18, 2022

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  1. I am autistic, and I just want to say that autistic people can be stuck-up pricks, too. Sensory issues aside, that’s how she is acting.

  2. Again, if that’s not what they are into, what’s your complaint???? It’s not judgmental to be attracted to a specific style. What about all the clean cut straight edge guys that want to date you? Is it fair for them to be upset that you’re not attracted to them?

  3. Honestly and kindly, she isn’t the one. You should reconsider the relationship. I say this only for the comments. When you love someone and that person is your future wife/husband/partner, you will not be so adverse to their opinions and finances.

  4. I HATED being a step parent, and I was 29. Run! It's not worth it! You'll be dealing with baby mama shit for at least 18 years and most likely beyond. You're man will never be just “your man”, you'll be sharing him with that woman. Trust me, they'll have to be in contact because of the kid. It's not worth it and you'll end up getting hurt in the end. Run please!

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