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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Well, I can say without a doubt as someone who has been in and out of the swinging life in my younger years, it is fun but chances are the marriage won’t last. Someone always wants it more than the other and it USUALLY causes problems at some point with insecurities. Of course there are exceptions but not many at all.

    Ever thought about him being more excited than you are at the thought of getting to sleep with another woman? Or what if he can go multiple times with someone else he just couldn’t with you. OOOORRRRR a not so uncommon but often surprising result, the guy realizes he also likes messing around with men too. These are the insecurities swinging will bring up so please communicate with your partner.

  2. Tbh I wouldn’t even want to know. Just call up a lawyer and start the divorce process. You will only be heartbroken once she tells you the truth

  3. >I just feel weird for being a 22 year old guy on there when i know most guys on there are in their 40s-50s.

    Get therapy for your lack of confidence and for your “worry” and feeling “weird”.

  4. Saying it super direct like, “Don't do that”, to them may make them defensive at the least, or they may want to take further action against you, like telling her not to be with you or, at the very worst, taking IRL action, like starting a fight or messing with your property.

    My suggestion: Of course, talk to her about it like others are saying and know how she feels about it. But I will place myself in your shoes for a bit, maybe this approach might help you.

    Say you're around them and the dudes start calling her those names and it starts to get to you and your girlfriend. ALWAYS put her feeling above yours in this case, since it's her feelings about it that matter here (they aren't calling you names). If she doesn't care, tells you she doesn't care, and goes along with it just fine — let it be. But if it does bother her, you can interject and say something like, “hey, hey, hey… take it easy bro”, but in a tone that isn't directly confrontational. If they get defensive and want to start beef, then IDK…a fight might ensue, just thinking of worst case scenario here.

    I am 36M and was raised in a fairly conservative environment and trained boxing growing up — I firmly believe that self-defense training is great for men — if they don't use it right. As in self-defense / self-physical-training / staying in shape / helping your mental / etc. So grain of salt when I say this, but — if you're gonna tell other guys off in order to protect your girlfriend, the possibility of physical violence may occur. I am no way promoting violence. Just trying to say, knowing how to physically defend yourself is important in many cases.

    IMO, the best way to deal with this is talking to your GF first and knowing how she truly feels about it. If it bothers her, maybe you can tell the dudes that their name calling bothers her, but she doesn't want to say it (or something). Tell it to them like they're your bros, try not to take a stance of authority over them, else they might get defensive. If they continue their disrespect, IDK…try to spend as much time as you can with her and show her how a lady OUGHT to be treated.

  5. Lol thanks i bet that’s saying something. I mean im not gl like i did consider it but i didnt ✋ i feel like having an outsider pov is good like i need to hear the truth to realize how dumb it sounds because I obviously cant tell anyone i know. ?

  6. We got a really cheap ring (600$) and then three years into our marriage we made a lot more and split that one 50/50. We waited for Mother’s Day weekend bc that’s the biggest sale weekend of the year

  7. Ah, yeah. His behaviour is slightly concerning.

    It took you max 45 min to respond to him, and he is upset because he “just wants to know” what you are up to? ?

    And he is expecting an apology from you because he got upset? Because it took you 45 min to reply to him?

    Nah. That’s starting down a dangerous road.

  8. Does everyone know he cheated on you?

    Is it possible he lied and told everyone a different reason?

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